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Heat dome coming: Cool your home without relying on air conditioning-Passive Cooling saves power/C02

How to cool your home without relying on air conditioning: In a summer of deadly heat, passive cooling can keep people safe and curb carbon emissions. Here are the simple steps you can...

Headed to Hell in a Handbasket and Other Solutions to Living in a MAGA Polluted US

     I naively accepted all the myths of American equality and opportunity until my 34th birthday , one year after the election of Ronald Reagan, when I began to sense I had...

Power Outage in Michigan ☼ 2 Polls, Bill's + A Question from Pressley ☼

G’Day Gnusies! Welcome to the Sunday GNR, hosted today by relief gnus from the GNR stable of writers! 2thanks lost his power last night after some storms went through Michigan, so today will be a...

Et Tu, Brady?

Spent another lovely week enjoying the various side effects of the coronavirus vaccine, stuff like “not catching Covid,” “not getting hospitalized with Covid,” and “not dying from Covid.” Like millions of rational...

Cartoon: Pandemic summer games

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Cartoon: Back to normal

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Cartoon: The never ending news

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Cartoon: Owning the libs

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