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Joe Biden shuts down a reporter at the G7 with a simple response that works

Joe Biden got a question from a reporter that has more than international notions but domestic as well. His response was on point; so far. Joe Biden shuts down a reporter? x x YouTube Video See full...

Cartoon: If we treated our homes like we do the earth

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..Lying On The Hot Pavement The Shoppers Just Kept Stepping Over Him

This is a simple diary. I wasn’t even going to do much writing today.  I have mostly completed next week’s newsletter and feel like recycled yak vomit.  But this is too important to...

In Defense of Joe Manchin

Y’all, I have had it with the whining.  I get it.  Our task would be much easier if Joe Manchin were a lot more liberal. Here is the thing: if Joe Manchin was a...

Cartoon: History for white people

x Vimeo Video It seems that Republicans are launching another salvo in the culture wars, this time armed with “critical race theory.” In an oversimplified nutshell, the theory is a deeply academic look at...
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Trump’s Love Letter to Putin Prior to Meeting with Biden is Utterly Demented – and Treasonous.

In his latest statement from exile, Donald Trump has made it abundantly clear where his loyalty lies (with an emphasis on "lies"). And he...

Cartoon: Slavery or…?

Cartoon: Secondary climate emergencies

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