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We have more than 50,000 visitors per month and 85% of this traffic is from the US. Our community is an extremely active and engaged community of progressives. We also have more than 10,000 email subscribers.

When reviewing our traffic with 3rd party tools like SEM Rush, Ubersuggest, etc it’s important remember that these tools only measure traffic from search so these numbers are not accurate. If you want an independent analysis of our traffic see this report from Similar Web

If you’re interested in writing for us, complete the form below and we will respond with in 24 hours.


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How to apply

Complete this form and send a sample article. The most efficient way to apply to be a community writer is to write an article that you would normally write for your existing platforms and send it to us for review. If we like it we can agree to post it and allow you to become a community writer for DSF.  If we reject it, you can post the article to your platform as usual and you haven’t wasted anytime.

Articles must appear on DSF before appearing anywhere else on the web. If the article is posted anywhere else on web it should link to the article on DSF with the text “Original article was posted on Daily Sound & Fury”.

Content style

Angry content. It’s Okay to get angry. It’s called Daily Sound & Fury so we obviously want strong opinions that will appeal to readers that are looking for no BS opinions. However, an angry rant without any substance is unacceptable content – save it for the comments section or the forum. Articles are different from rants in comments. They should contain thoughtful content that makes a point that matters to the audience explaining something or making a case for something. In all cases, hate speech, threats and ‘over the top’ personal attacks are not allowed under any circumstances.

Examples: It’s okay to say that Donald trump is orange but it’s not okay to say he is a pedophile (unless there’s evidence). If you want to call someone stupid you should cite a comment that most reasonable people would consider to be a reflection fo stupidity. 

Explanatory content. We are especially interested in content that explains the news. For example – what is an impeachment, what is the sequence of events and what are the consequences. This type of content is valuable to our readers while also being more ‘evergreen’ so it is morelikely to be egnerating search traffic long after the news cycle has ended.

You decide whether your content may be reused under a creative commons license or whether it cannot be used with your consent.

You can include a self promotional paragraph about yourself or your organization with a link to your website and social channels.

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