Fox News Complains That Maine Disqualifying Trump is Invalid Because the Constitution is Old

FOX News Complains That Maine Disqualifying Trump is Invalid Because – the Constitution is Old???

Maine Joins Colorado in Barring Trump from Running for President

This week, Maine made a bold move by invoking the Constitution’s 14th Amendment to declare Donald Trump ineligible to run for president. The decision was based on Section Three of the Amendment, which prohibits individuals who have engaged in insurrection or rebellion from holding certain offices.

Trump’s involvement in the insurrection on January 6th, 2021, in Washington, D.C., is well-documented. Despite ongoing legal debates, there is no denying that Trump played a key role in inciting and supporting the violent attack on the Capitol.

Fox News, known for its pro-Trump stance, has come under fire for defending Trump’s actions. In a recent segment, a Fox Business anchor criticized Maine’s Secretary of State for upholding the 14th Amendment and preventing Trump from appearing on state primary ballots.

Constitutional experts from both sides of the political spectrum support Maine’s decision. They argue that Trump’s false claims of election fraud and his efforts to undermine the peaceful transfer of power make him unfit to hold office under the 14th Amendment.

As Trump’s legal troubles mount, the Republican Party faces a crucial decision. Will they continue to support Trump, despite his actions, or will they prioritize the Constitution and the rule of law? The loyalty to Trump within the party raises questions about the true nature of their support.
FOX News recently aired a segment in which they criticized the state of Maine for disqualifying former President Donald Trump from the state’s 2024 presidential ballot. The basis of their argument? The Constitution is old.

In the segment, FOX News host Tucker Carlson and guest Mark Levin argued that Maine’s decision to disqualify Trump was invalid because it went against the Constitution. Levin went on to claim that the Constitution is an “old document” and therefore should not be used to disqualify a potential candidate from running for office.

This argument is not only flawed, but it is also dangerous. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land in the United States and serves as the foundation for our democracy. It is not something that can simply be dismissed because it is old. In fact, the age of the Constitution is precisely what gives it its strength and legitimacy.

The Constitution was carefully crafted by the founding fathers to ensure that the rights and freedoms of all Americans are protected. It is a living document that has been amended over the years to reflect the changing needs and values of society. Dismissing the Constitution as old and irrelevant undermines the very principles that our country was founded upon.

Furthermore, Maine’s decision to disqualify Trump was not a violation of the Constitution. States have the authority to set their own rules and regulations for elections, including determining who is eligible to appear on the ballot. Maine’s decision was made in accordance with their state laws and was not in conflict with the Constitution.

It is concerning that a major news network like FOX News would promote such a dangerous and misguided argument. The Constitution is not something that can be disregarded simply because it is old. It is the cornerstone of our democracy and must be respected and upheld by all Americans, regardless of their political beliefs.

FOX News’ complaint that Maine disqualifying Trump is invalid because the Constitution is old is not only unfounded, but it is also a dangerous attack on the principles of our democracy. The Constitution must be respected and upheld, regardless of its age, and attempts to undermine it should be met with strong opposition.

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