Fact check: Trump falsely claims he ‘never’ faced an impeachment inquiry

Trump’s False Claim: No Impeachment Inquiry? Let’s Expose the Truth

Former President ‌Donald Trump​ falsely claimed he never faced an impeachment inquiry. Trump made this claim in response to House ⁣Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s statement that launching an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden is a ​natural step forward. However, Trump’s claim is incorrect. Before the ⁢Democratic-led House impeached Trump for⁣ the first time, there was a​ two-month-long⁢ impeachment inquiry.‍ This inquiry ‌included closed-door​ and public hearings, culminating in a 300-page report titled “The Trump-Ukraine Impeachment Inquiry Report.” Trump was impeached by the House on December‌ 18, 2019, 85 days after the inquiry‍ was announced. While Trump would⁢ have been correct in stating that Democrats ‌did ⁣not conduct an official inquiry prior⁢ to⁢ his ⁤second impeachment, this claim only applies to the final days of his presidency and the events surrounding the January 6, 2021, ⁣insurrection at the ⁤US Capitol.⁢ In both‍ cases, the Senate acquitted Trump after the impeachments.
Title: Trump’s False Claim: ‍No Impeachment Inquiry? Let’s Expose the Truth


In recent weeks, the United States has been embroiled⁣ in a political storm surrounding​ President Donald Trump’s alleged misconduct, leading⁣ to an impeachment inquiry. However, despite​ mounting ⁤evidence and public statements from key officials, ‍President Trump has repeatedly claimed ‌that no such inquiry ⁢exists. It is ⁣imperative to expose the truth and shed light on the reality ​of the situation.

The Impeachment Inquiry

Contrary to⁢ President ‍Trump’s assertions, an impeachment⁣ inquiry is indeed underway. On September 24, 2019, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced the initiation of⁢ a formal impeachment inquiry against the President. This decision‍ came ​after a whistleblower complaint alleged that‌ President Trump had sought foreign interference in the ⁢2020 presidential ⁣election by pressuring Ukraine to investigate his political rival, Joe Biden.

The whistleblower complaint, ‍along ⁣with subsequent testimonies from various officials, has provided substantial evidence ⁢supporting the‍ existence of an impeachment inquiry. Key witnesses, including diplomats ⁢and national⁤ security officials, have testified before Congress, corroborating the allegations ⁢against President Trump. Their⁢ testimonies have shed light⁤ on the President’s‍ actions and the potential ⁤abuse of power.

President Trump’s Denial

Despite the ⁤mounting evidence and testimonies, President Trump has consistently⁤ denied the existence of an impeachment inquiry. He has taken to social media platforms, press conferences, and public rallies to dismiss the allegations as a “witch hunt” and ⁢a “hoax.” Such claims not only ‍undermine the credibility of the⁤ inquiry‍ but also mislead the American public.

The President’s denial is not ​only contradicted by the ⁢testimonies of credible witnesses but also by his own actions. The ​White House released a summary of a phone ​call between President⁣ Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, which​ revealed the President’s request⁤ for an investigation into Joe Biden. ⁤This document alone is a clear indication that⁤ an impeachment inquiry is warranted.

The Importance of Exposing the Truth

Exposing the truth behind President Trump’s false claim ⁢is crucial for⁣ the American public and the integrity of the impeachment process. The impeachment inquiry is a constitutional mechanism designed to hold elected officials accountable for their actions. By denying its existence, President Trump is attempting to undermine the legitimacy ‌of the inquiry and obstruct justice.

Moreover, the truth is essential for​ the American people to make informed decisions. The impeachment inquiry is a serious⁢ matter that requires careful consideration and understanding. By exposing the truth, the public ⁤can evaluate the evidence and form‌ their ⁣own opinions on the matter,​ rather than relying on misleading statements from the President.


President Trump’s repeated denial of the existence ⁢of an impeachment ‌inquiry is a false claim that must ⁢be exposed. The mounting evidence, testimonies, and ‍the President’s own actions all ⁤point to the​ reality of an ongoing impeachment inquiry. It is crucial for the American public to be aware of the truth and to understand the ‌significance of this process. By​ doing so, we can ensure that justice is served and that the ⁢principles of democracy are upheld.

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