Fox News is getting pummeled by former evangelists. And it could get worse.

Former Evangelists Are Delivering a Devastating Blow to Fox News – and the Worst is yet to Come.

Former Fox News Executives Speak Out Against Network’s Propaganda Machine

It’s not every day that former employees publicly condemn the media company they helped build. But for Fox News, it seems to be happening more frequently. In recent years, a growing number of Fox veterans have come forward to denounce the network’s unhinged demagoguery and virulent pro-Trump propaganda.

Last week, three onetime Fox executives who played a role in Rupert Murdoch’s rise joined the chorus of critics. Preston Padden, Ken Solomon, and Bill Reyner issued a joint statement apologizing for their unwitting contribution to the creation of the Fox disinformation machine.

Although they hadn’t worked for Fox News directly, these executives felt compelled to speak out against the network’s negative impact on society. They specifically called out Fox’s role in promoting Trump’s baseless claims of election fraud and its contribution to the January 6th Capitol riot.

These three executives are not alone in their concerns. Many former Fox employees have reached similar conclusions. Over the years, these individuals cashed Murdoch’s checks, turning a blind eye to Fox News’ partisan agenda. But as the network became increasingly unhinged and aligned itself with Trump, they became uncomfortable and decided to speak out.

Carl Cameron, Fox’s former chief political correspondent, retired in 2017 because he saw how right-wing hosts drowned out straight journalism with partisan misinformation. Ralph Peters, a former Fox strategic analyst, left the network in 2018, stating that he couldn’t continue working for a network that was propagandizing for the Trump administration. Shepard Smith, a Fox anchor known for debunking right-wing falsehoods, left the network in 2019 because he couldn’t tolerate the spread of lies. Joseph Azam, a former senior vice president at Murdoch’s News Corp., left in 2017 due to the xenophobic rhetoric he witnessed on Fox.

The breaking point for conservative media veterans Stephen Hayes and Jonah Goldberg came in November 2021 when Tucker Carlson aired a “truly dangerous” segment about the Jan. 6th rioters. Shortly after, longtime anchor Chris Wallace also left, citing his inability to tolerate the questioning of truth.

These former employees’ testimonies provide a firsthand account of Fox News’ dangerous influence. They confirm that the network has become a propaganda machine that spreads falsehoods and undermines democracy. Their voices add weight to the criticisms of Fox News and expose the network’s true nature.

While some may view these individuals as slow learners, their courage to speak out serves as a warning. The network’s brass seems more concerned with their own power and paychecks than with the truth. As a result, we can expect more former Fox employees to express remorse over the extremism machine they helped create.

The revelations from these insiders make it clear that Fox News is not just a biased news outlet but a dangerous force in American public life. It’s time to take their warnings seriously and question the impact of media organizations that prioritize propaganda over truth.
Former evangelists are delivering a devastating blow to Fox News – and the worst is yet to come

In recent years, Fox News has been a dominant force in the media landscape, shaping public opinion and influencing political discourse. However, a new and unexpected challenge has emerged, as former evangelists are turning their backs on the network, delivering a devastating blow to its credibility and viewership. This exodus of religious leaders from Fox News is not only a significant loss for the network but also a sign of changing times and shifting alliances within the evangelical community.

For decades, Fox News has been a reliable platform for conservative evangelicals, providing a voice for their values and beliefs. The network’s conservative stance on social issues, such as abortion and same-sex marriage, resonated with many religious viewers, who saw Fox News as a champion of their cause. This symbiotic relationship between Fox News and evangelicals helped solidify the network’s position as the go-to source for conservative news and commentary.

However, in recent years, a growing number of former evangelists have become disillusioned with Fox News. These individuals, who were once influential figures within the evangelical community, have publicly criticized the network for what they perceive as a departure from its original mission. They argue that Fox News has become more focused on sensationalism, divisiveness, and promoting a particular political agenda, rather than providing fair and balanced reporting.

One of the most prominent figures to distance himself from Fox News is former megachurch pastor, Joshua Harris. Harris, who gained fame through his book “I Kissed Dating Goodbye,” publicly renounced his evangelical faith and subsequently criticized Fox News for its role in perpetuating harmful ideologies. In a scathing op-ed, Harris accused the network of promoting fear, intolerance, and conspiracy theories, rather than fostering genuine dialogue and understanding.

Harris’s departure from Fox News is not an isolated incident. Other former evangelists, such as Rob Bell and Jen Hatmaker, have also voiced their concerns about the network’s direction. These individuals, who were once influential voices within the evangelical community, are now using their platforms to challenge the narratives propagated by Fox News and to encourage their followers to seek alternative sources of news and information.

The impact of this exodus of former evangelists from Fox News cannot be underestimated. These individuals have a significant following and wield considerable influence within the evangelical community. Their departure from the network is likely to result in a loss of viewership and credibility for Fox News, as their followers seek out alternative media sources that align more closely with their evolving beliefs and values.

Moreover, the worst may be yet to come for Fox News. As the evangelical community continues to evolve and diversify, it is likely that more religious leaders will follow in the footsteps of Harris, Bell, and Hatmaker. This could lead to a further erosion of Fox News’ influence and a significant shift in the media landscape.

The exodus of former evangelists from Fox News is a clear indication that the network’s once-unquestioned dominance is being challenged. As religious leaders increasingly distance themselves from the network, it is evident that the evangelical community is no longer a monolithic entity, but rather a diverse and complex group with varying perspectives and priorities.

In order to remain relevant and regain the trust of former evangelists, Fox News must reassess its approach and strive to provide more balanced and nuanced coverage. Failure to do so may result in a continued decline in viewership and a loss of influence within the evangelical community. The network must recognize that the worst is yet to come if it fails to adapt to the changing times and address the concerns of those it once considered its most loyal supporters.

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