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"I'm Not Willing to Do That": Trump Says He Won't Take Climate Action Because It Would Threaten Corporate Profits
Atmospheric carbon dioxide is at a record high, Europe is in the midst of a hellish heat wave, and extreme weather is ravaging large swaths of the globe, but President…

Trump's fourth of July celebration to block off much of national mall for his 'friends'
Just a week before events on the National Mall, Donald Trump’s revamp of the 4th of July celebration is finally coming clear, and as it does what’s revealed is exactly what…

Charlie Sykes: Democrats Must Run a Republican to Win in 2020!
So there we have it. According to Charlie Sykes, if Democrats don’t run a moderate Republican, we are bound to lose the next election to the Marmalade shitgibbon. He is…

Jimmy Carter is the voice of sanity and morality in a nation that's dying for lack of either
The Washington Post is just one of several sources rushing to claim that President Jimmy Carter crossed a dangerous line in saying that Donald Trump’s election was “illegitimate.” Almost unbelievably…

Trump fails to persuade anyone to abandon support for Paris climate accord in G20's final communiqué
At the G20 meeting in Osaka, Japan, this week, Donald Trump failed in his effort to get several nations to back off their support of the Paris climate accord. If…

Trump embarrasses us again with clumsy attempt to please Putin
Remember this? I’ll try my best not to feel stupid, Mr. Pr*sident. And, hey, thanks for making it so easy. Watching Donald Trump’s tour de force performance as the Ugly American…

Embracing Jim Crow-era rules, Florida GOP enacts poll tax that could ban up to 1 million from voting
Floridians voted in favor of a constitutional amendment to restore voting rights for as many as 1.4 million citizens who had fully completed their felony sentences by a 65-35 landslide last year,…

Now THAT’S how you debate, Nuit Deux
Well, here we are again. Sorry for the time delay, but I was tied up yesterday on personal business. But nothing in the intervening 24 hours has done anything to…

Here’s Where Trump is Spending All That Money on Facebook – Phony Endorsement Ads.
When you read that Trump has spent more than $4.6 million on Facebook ads since December, you know that he and his campaign are up to no good, and, since…

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