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US Attacks Russia’s Power Grid; Trump Kept in Dark
The New York Times is reporting that the United States is cyber attacking Russia's electric power grid and other targets—and that President Donald Trump is being kept out of the…

darn those socialists - only 47% approve of the unfinished work of the Democratic party
These are strange times for those sympathetic to “socialist” ideas. Trump could have the White House painted high gloss black and order the Treasury Department to deliver pallets of hundred…

Trump orders all agencies to cut scientific advisory boards by 'at least' one third
On Friday evening, Donald Trump issued an executive order directing all federal agencies to evaluate and reduce scientific advisory committees by at least a third. This order comes after some…

Trump and his allies are conspiring to steal the 2020 elections while Democrats stand idly by
By the time Democrats come around to the idea of impeaching Donald Trump, there may be nothing left of our country to fight for. This week should have been a…

Unauthorized pumping investigation doesn't stop Nestlé from making billions on national forest water
For decades, Nestlé pumped millions of gallons of water out of the San Bernardino National Forest on an expired permit. The water is for their Arrowhead brand, named after the…

Here's What Happened the last time Candidate Trump asked a Foreign power for their Help
Sure, we need to vote the bums out — assuming we’ll ever get a fair chance to do so.  As a friendly reminder though, here's what happened the last time…

‘Make America Straight Again’ Issues Call To Arms For Govt To Execute Gays
Forget about the mouse that roared, this is more like the weasel that wailed. After all the prep and ballyhoo, only a small crowd showed up to the “Make America…

Climate crisis drives a record 'dead zone' in the Gulf, as hundreds of dolphins die
The massive floods that wracked the Midwest throughout the spring have meant record runoff from the Mississippi into the Gulf of Mexico. That runoff has carried not just a surge…

Anti-Vaxxers take a big loss as New York ends 'religious exemptions' for school vaccinations
On Thursday, New York’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation that rids religious exemptions from the school vaccination policy. This means that only medical exemptions will be accepted as a valid…

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