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Federal prosecutors in New York continue to follow the Trump inauguration money trail
Federal prosecutors in New York are still poring over "tens of thousands of documents" related to Donald Trump's Inauguration Committee and the record-setting $107 million it took in, according to…

Klobuchar says McCain recited names of dictators during Trump's inauguration
I never watched Donald Trump’s inauguration. Couldn’t do it. I think I spent the day flossing my perineum with concertina wire, because that seemed far, far less demoralizing. But Minnesota…

ABC:A hefty donation to Trump's inaugural comes under scrutiny
This story from ABC Associated Press: Hefty Donation Franklin Haney made a One million Dollar donation to Trump’s inaugural. “The contribution from Haney, a prolific political donor, came as he was…

Aaron "I-kissed-a-boy-at-Coachella-and-I-REALLY-liked it" Schock nude Grindr pics surface
Last month, the disgraced former anti-gay Congressman Aaron Schock was photographed at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival doing all sorts of quite gay things.  Then last week, he was…

Trump is so abhorrent, even a stellar economy can't save him
Donald Trump's only positive play for reelection in 2020 is to emphasize the economy, which has stayed remarkably strong despite Trump’s capricious handling of trade and U.S. foreign policy. But according…

North Korea Calls John Bolton a 'War Maniac' Who Is 'Wrecking Peace and Security' Across the Globe
North Korea on Monday called U.S. national security adviser John Bolton a "war maniac" who is undermining global security and diplomacy after Bolton accused Pyongyang of violating international law with…

Study shows global warming is making income inequality worse for those who have no way to fight back
There’s little doubt that extreme weather resulting from the climate crisis is already having a greater impact on those with lower income. Whether it’s in Houston, the Midwest, or Puerto Rico,…

Glam Shots for One, Not for the Other: Different Media Standard for Hope Hicks and Chelsea Manning Draws Backlash
The contrast between media coverage of two women, Hope Hicks and Chelsea Manning, who are each refusing to cooperate with federal investigations did not go unnoticed on Memorial Day Weekend.…

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