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Trump State Department fighting to deny birthright citizenship to one of two twin sons of gay couple
Equal means equal, unless you’re dealing with the Trump administration. And especially when you’re dealing with immigration.  But this, however, is going to require a bit of set-up for me to…

Best SNL Cold Open EVER Ridicules Senate Republicans' timidity to challenge Trump: "Harder Daddy!"
I’ve been watching Saturday Night Live since their original season in 1975 and I’ve never seen a better Cold Open than this one. It parodies Mitch McConnell, Susan Collins, and Lindsey…

Democratic Senator Chris Murphy calls for investigation into Giuliani treachery
Mr. Rudolph Giuliani might have done better just milking the fact that he happened to be the mayor of New York City when the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil…

Calling B.S. on Trump's claim that he was never a big fan of Don McGahn
In yesterday’s tweet, Trump wasn’t exactly lying when he said he was NOT going to fire Bob Mueller. Although he denies it, it’s obvious to objective observers that wanted his White House counsel, Don McGahn…

250! Trump reaches another dubious milestone
He said he would never golf as president. Something about being too busy. And he certainly never told us he’d cheat so shamelessly if and when he did golf. Then…

Filmmakers and stars are refusing to work in Georgia following state's abortion ban
If you spent as much time at looking up old Facts of Life episodes as I do, you might know that Georgia has become a popular location for numerous…

Cornell Professor Calls for a Moratorium on the Use of “Washington” When You Mean “Republican”.
(Above: Cornell History Professor Lawrence Glickman) Cornell History Professor Lawrence Glickman uses Twitter to call for a ban on the use of the word “Washington” to smear Democrats by lumping them…

Mayor Pete responds to Trump calling him Alfred E. Neuman: 'I had to Google that'
How Donald Trump can simultaneously exist as a 3-year-old boy and an 80-year-old man is a wonder of quantum physics. He is the Schrödinger’s cat of decrepit, doddering old shite-stained…

Where's wall dough? To no one's surprise, 'We Build the Wall' GoFundMe hasn't built anything.
On Friday, The Daily Beast caught up with the GoFundMe-funded “We Build the Wall” and checked in to see how many miles of barrier the $20 million they had collected…

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