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Judge Fast Tracks Lawsuit to Block House Subpoena for Trump Records. The Con Man is so F***ed.
Was informed by Doc Maddow that the Judge overseeing Don the Con’s lawsuit to block access to his Financial Records (until after the 2020 election) is not playing his delay games.…

James Comey on why he isn't Republican anymore: ‘You cannot have a president who is a chronic liar'
Former FBI director James Comey was on CNN Thursday night, doing a town hall event moderated by Anderson Cooper. Thursday marked the one-year anniversary of Comey’s firing by Donald Trump. Comey talked about a…

Trump's Rambling, Lie-Riddled Rant About Mueller and Russia Exposes His Panic and Fear
On Thursday morning Donald Trump held an impromptu press conference to announce an initiative related to drug pricing disclosures. But as often occurs at any Trump affair, it wandered off…

Conflict of Interest Much? Trump Nominates Patrick Shanahan, formerly of Boeing, to Lead Pentagon
In a move critics warned could further deepen the ties between the sprawling and immensely profitable private weapons industry and the U.S. government, the White House announced Thursday that President…

NRA goes after mom, moms everywhere send NRA to its room
The National Rifle Association (NRA) is a bit desperate these days. They’ve been taking a ton of Ls of late, what with their old-corrupt-men infighting, and Vice President Wayne LaPierre’s…

Trump Supporting ‘Turning Point USA’ Leader Caught on Video Being Racist AF.
His friend does most of the talking but Turning Point USA Las Vegas Chapter leader Riley Grisar is literally in bed with her giving the white power hand sign: Turning Point USA was founded…

Gaslighter in chief slanders Mueller with debunked conflict of interest claims
Fresh off the high of "lock her up" chants at his Florida rally Wednesday night, Donald Trump treated White House reporters to a grievance fest Thursday with Robert Mueller taking center stage. "Bob…

LOL. Red “Socks” Won the World Cup and Lincoln Lost the War. Another Day In Trumplandia.
Hoo boy, the stupid gets deeper every day: Please follow me on Twitter @durrati

Texas Republican calls vaccination science ‘sorcery’ in amazing exchange with doctor on Twitter
Another day, another Republican saying something out loud that you thought only drunk people said at an embarrassing family dinner. On Tuesday, Professor Peter Hotz, MD, who has written extensively…

Citing 'Unprecedented' Power of Zuckerberg, Facebook Co-Founder Says: 'Time to Break It Up'
Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes joined the growing group of tech experts, privacy advocates, and politicians publicly raising alarm about the "staggering" power of chief executive Mark Zuckerberg—and, in a lengthy…

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