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C-SPAN caller 'Amy from Georgia' expertly shredded Sebastian Gorka's credibility on live television
Disgraced former Trump national security adviser Sebastian Gorka, who was grossly unqualified for any role in any White House, somehow landed a spot on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal show. If you are wondering why this accused…

Red Sox manager vows to skip White House visit because of Trump's abysmal response to Puerto Rico
Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora is skipping his team’s visit to the White House this Thursday. The team is invited to celebrate its 2018 World Series win at the White House,…

Pelosi: 'We have to be prepared' for Trump refusing to step down after a 2020 loss
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is a shrewd negotiator who has sat face-to-face with Donald Trump many times now—and she is not confident he will step down if he’s…

375 former federal prosecutors say Mueller report contained evidence of multiple Trump felonies
While the unredacted Mueller Report is still being heavily guarded under lock and key in Attorney General (for Donald Trump) Bill Barr’s office, hidden away even from members of Congress…

Mulvaney digging into White House to make Trump Trumpier, consolidate his own power
Whether he's a true believer or a true opportunist, Mick Mulvaney is intent on making Donald Trump as Trumpy as he wants to be. That means, according to an interview…

Time's up for Barr to provide full Mueller report, let the contempt proceedings begin
Last week, Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee were full of threats over the consequences to Attorney General William Barr if he failed to meet the deadline they set for the…

Two More Years! Two more Years! Trump Retweets Suggestion His Term Be Extended.
Mango Unchained is so aggrieved that Bob Mueller and the mean ole Justice Department has "stollen" two years of his Residency by investigating him and his gang-who-can’t-do-shit-straight for crimes against the Republic…

Trump's former fixer and personal lawyer reports to prison
Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer and fixer is headed to prison Monday to begin his three-year sentence for, among other things, making hush-money payments to women Trump had affairs with, in…

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