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Republican big money proves it: It's the party of Trump
The fact that Donald Trump might very well be a Russian asset, and has definitely tried to obstruct justice (on top of every horrible other thing about him that he…

With the White House Easter celebration as a backdrop, Sarah Sanders delivers a whopper of a lie
Sarah Huckabee Sanders, daughter of grifter preacher and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, couldn’t take a break from lying even during the Easter holiday. Appearing on Fox News (where else?) against the backdrop…

Impeachment gains 8 points in new Reuters poll. Why assume it is the politically risky choice?
I don’t ask that question just because of that poll. I’ve been thinking about it for a while. There’s an assumption that impeachment is politically dangerous — that it endangers Democratic prospects in…

Trump: 'Nobody disobeys my orders.' Oh, yes they do
One piece of texture that Robert Mueller’s redacted report added to the annals of Donald Trump’s ignominious tenure as our supposed commander in chief is just how astoundingly weak he is as a leader.…

'No women anything': Trump's Federal Reserve nominee really, really hates idea of women in sports
Stephen Moore, Donald Trump’s controversial Federal Reserve nominee, spent the early 2000s writing noxious sexist commentary that will only make him more controversial … and will probably thrill Donald Trump. Moore…

Leading impeachment scholar: Mueller report is an 'invitation to impeachment'
The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent spoke with Columbia University constitutional scholar Philip Bobbitt, the co-author of Impeachment: A Handbook, about the Mueller report and whether it opens the door to impeachment…

'A Really Exciting Proposal': Elizabeth Warren's Education Overhaul Would Wipe Out Student Debt, Provide Free Public College
Elizabeth Warren wants to cancel part or all student loan debt for 95 percent of Americans and make public college free for everyone—the latest, and perhaps most ambitious, policy proposal…

Google throws Laura Ingraham a lifeline, buys ad time on her boycotted show
Fox News host Laura Ingraham, whose nightly program has been struggling under the weight of an advertising boycott for the past year, received some good news in April. Online giant Google,…

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