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Politico: ‘Trump Attys Warn Accounting Firm Not To Hand Over Financial Records’
Michael Cohen told Congress that Trump routinely inflated and deflated the worth of his assets to suit any given situation in which he found himself. The House Oversight Committee requested…

Rep. Ilhan Omar sees 'increase in direct threats on my life' since Trump's attack
Donald Trump’s Friday attack on Rep. Ilhan Omar—an attack he followed up Monday morning—looked like a call to violence against her—and it’s accomplished that mission. “Since the president’s tweet Friday evening, I have experienced…

So Nancy Pelosi has mastered the art of twitter
The Donald apparently had a fit of jeaolus rage tonight after 60 minutes did a piece on the Speaker… so Madame Speaker was left with no choice but to acknowledge…

Hillary scorches Crooked Donald in three words
Not sure how I missed this earlier but … BOOM goes the dynamite. 'Robert Maguire: "Can we all just appreciate for a moment that the older sister of the sitting…

“The Road To Unfreedom” Author Timothy Snyder Lists 50 Reasons Trump is in Thrall to the Russians.
(Timothy Snyder is the author of “The Road To Unfreedom”, of which The Guardian says — “Timothy Snyder is professor of history at Yale. His book Bloodlands, about the fallout of second world war atrocities on…

Hero Police Chief on child, fleeing violence, ordered back alone: Only Nazis follow orders blindly.
Normal, healthy people can all agree that you don’t torture children to punish adults. You don’t rip children from their parents to serve as a deterrent or warning to others.  Yet…

Trump would never 'go around' U.S. law—but is trying to go around U.S. law, says Sarah Sanders
The White House appears to be worried enough about Donald Trump's new baseline of erratic, lunacy-infused declarations this week to dispatch not one, but both of the administration's most practiced…

Trump administration abandons United Nations committee on racism
The Trump administration has made a concerted effort to distance the United States from international affairs, including from its longtime allies, but a special Team Trump focus has seemingly been…

'In Culture, We Build Bridges, Not Walls': World-Renowned Cellist Yo-Yo Ma Brings Bach to US-Mexico Border
In a rebuke to the Trump administration's cruel immigration policies and rhetoric, world-renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma gave a performance at the U.S.-Mexico border on Saturday, where he praised culture's ability…

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