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How Fox News turned Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez into its new Hillary Clinton
For decades, Fox News' programming has revolved around the need to identify and target Democratic demons, who are then used to frighten Republican viewers. And for most of the network's…

Individual-1 tries to distract again and fails
The day after claiming he knew nothing about Wikileaks, Trump needed more lies to divert attention from his falsehoods. Today Individual-1 produced nonsense about Greg Craig to distract us from Sam Patten’s…

Kellyanne Conway tweets something monumentally dishonest and stupid!
Earlier today, failed standup comedian and even-more-failed human being Kellyanne Conway tweeted this: Kellyanne Conway, meet Michael Flynn. Also, Gregory Craig, the former White House counsel in question, last worked…

Barr making drastic changes to immigration courts, setting up handful of judges with total control
Attorney General William Barr is making drastic changes to the immigration courts, setting up a system in which a handful of appellate court immigration judges can issue sweeping rulings that…

McConnell's 2020 strategy: Ignore the orange elephant in the room and fearmonger on 'socialism'
Mitch McConnell has a plan for keeping the Senate majority in the 2020 election: Pretend Donald Trump doesn't exist and scare old people. The hope is to win back the…

The Government CAN’T Help Us If Congress Won’t LET It.
It’s an unfortunate fact of life, at one time or another most Americans need the assistance of the government. Even a walking diaper stain as allegedly rich and powerful as…

Roger Stone’s Life Has Changed and Guess Which Old Buddy Doesn’t Call? Hint: DJT Are His Initials
There is always talk about how Trump is going to pardon Manafort, or he’s going to pardon Stone, or who knows who else who’s facing legal problems these days. There’s…

'Despicable': Treating Human Beings as Political Pawns, Trump Reportedly Pushed to Drop Asylum Seekers in Democratic Sanctuary Cities
In what critics and rights groups condemned as further evidence that the Trump administration views asylum seekers as mere political pawns rather than vulnerable human beings, the White House reportedly…

“find ways to help put raincoats on those at whom the firehose of falsehood is being directed.”
Prophylaxis and prophylactics: Teri Kanefield gives us some advice so we can recover our sanity amidst the daily barrage of Trumpian lies. We can protect ourselves from being bombarded with falsehoods.…

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