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Trump heads to border to visit a section of repaired fencing. And his new plaque
The popular vote loser and would-be autocrat Donald Trump is off to the border Friday to visit the new commemorative plaque he commissioned for himself, praising himself for building a wall.…

Beto O’Rourke tells crowd—Trump using rhetoric from the Third Reich to attack migrants and Muslims
Last night Beto O’Rourke was at a campaign rally in Sioux City, Iowa, when he was asked how he would take on Trump if he were the Democratic nominee. O’Rourke told the crowd the truth about the…

Michael Cohen claims he's given federal prosecutors new evidence of Trump-related crimes
While Attorney General Bill Barr has been hiding the Mueller report from Congress, and Donald Trump has been running around claiming full exoneration (a claim sadly repeated by many traditional…

Just when you think Fox News couldn't get more stupid ... Diamond and Silk on Climate Change
If you thought Hoda and Kathie Lee were comical while swilling wine in the morning, you know Fox and Friends needs to top that bit of casual stereotyping. It does hint…

Carbon Levels Are Higher Than They've Been in Past 3 Million Years
Human activity has helped cause carbon levels to rise to a rate that hasn't been seen on planet Earth in three million years, researchers have revealed. A study published Wednesday…

Alas, Poor Yorick, Is Trump Seeing Ghosts? Now He’s Attacking The Late Barbara Bush
Donald Trump hates to be hated. He knows he’s hated, he knows why he’s hated, and yet his response to all that is not to amend his ways, as it…

Trump and Republican tax cuts added $3.7 billion profit to J.P.Morgan. How's your tax break?
Historically high levels of income inequality didn’t stop the Republican Party from driving through a robber baron’s fantasy of wildly unpopular tax cuts for the rich and corporate tax cuts ……

'Enough With That': Warren Backs Killing Filibuster to Push Through Progressive Reforms
Calling on the nation to "wake up to the reality of the United States Senate," Sen. Elizabeth Warren is set to announce Friday that she supports eliminating the filibuster. The…

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