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Confirmed: Trump overruled career security experts to give Jared Kushner top security clearance
Donald Trump is a threat to the national security of the United States. That is not a hyperbolic sentence. From his threat to close the Southern border, which we create…

Glenn Greenwald again seriously injures himself after going way out on a limb on the Mueller Report
Glenn Greenwald just can’t seem to stop doing self-inflicted injury to his shriveling reputation as a pretend journalist completely destroying his credibility over and over again. This pathological tendency of his, which was…

Irritated by mean questions, Georgia Republicans file bill to create state 'journalism ethics board'
In today's march towards autocratic dystopianism, six Republican state representatives from Georgia are introducing a new state bill to create a state board to enforce "ethics in journalism." The measure…

Associated Press now recommends journalists call out 'racist' behavior. Let's start with Trump
If something is racist, say so. For newsrooms, that's the simple yet dramatic new guidance from the Associated Press. The recommendation arrives via new changes to the all-important AP Stylebook,…

Indiana School District sends hungry students home with packaged, unused cafeteria food.
Some good news. Low-income students in the Elkhart, Indiana area are being sent home with twenty frozen meals on Fridays. The students get two meals per day during the school…

HA! NRA Wing Nut Describes Bernie Plotting Against Biden So Michael Bloomberg Can Win
The NRA hates Michael Bloomberg. They call him the “most anti-gun politician in America.” They were doubtlessly relieved when Bloomberg decided to retrieve the hat that he had thrown into…

AOC and Nancy Pelosi Meet with “Queer Eye” Crew; Twitter User Has Just the Right Spin.
Business Insider “Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was seen walking with the cast of “Queer Eye” in Washington on Thursday. The cast, known as the “Fab 5,” was there to pressure…

Who Is Obama’s True Heir, Beto Or Biden?
Last election saw the creation of nicknames “Hill Bots” and “Bernie Bros.” In the run up to 2020, we now have Beto Phobes and Beto Philes, added to our vocabulary.…

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