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Trump reverses North Korea sanctions, because he 'likes Chairman Kim'
Donald Trump made foreign policy by tweet again on Friday, and the White House isn’t even trying to cover up his reasons. “It was announced today by the U.S. Treasury that…

Trump to nominate right wing nut-job and crank Stephen Moore to Federal Reserve Board
He isn’t really an economist, but he plays one on TV. WASHINGTON—President Trump said Friday he intends to nominate former campaign adviser Stephen Moore to serve on the Federal Reserve’s…

'I know nothing about it': Trump denies any knowledge of Jared, Ivanka using personal email accounts
After filling an entire election cycle with "Lock Her Up!" chants over Hillary Clinton's personal email use, Donald Trump is denying knowing anything about allegations that his daughter and son-in-law…

Rick Wilson Writes ‘Profiles In Chickenshit From The GOP’ As Trump Continues To Bludgeon John McCain
Most vendettas end when one party is dead, but that’s because most people with a gripe are a hell of a lot more rational than Donald Trump. Two issues have…

Officials in charge of sanctions 'defect' as Trump's trade war ramps up damage to the economy
The sanctions office within the Department of the Treasury is experiencing its own kind of shortage: people. It’s not a matter of being unable to find people knowledgeable enough about…

New Report Exposes Big Oil's Real Agenda: Re-brand In Order To Mislead
In the years since the 2015 Paris agreement, the world's top five Big Oil firms collectively have spent more than a billion dollars on "misleading" branding and lobbying to "capture…

'Outrageous. Unacceptable.': Indiana Teachers Shot 'Execution-Style' With Pellets in School Shooting Drill
As state and federal lawmakers fail to take meaningful action to confront America's gun violence epidemic, Indiana elementary school teachers were reportedly shot "execution-style" with plastic pellets in an active…

Leslie Knope Endorses Buttigieg, He Tweets Response
Amy Poehler was asked who Leslie Knope, Pawnee’s Deputy Director of the Parks and Recreation Department, would vote for. Though they get his first name wrong, she says Leslie would…

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