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Republicans might not know it yet, but the Michael Cohen hearing was history's door swinging shut
The House Oversight Committee nine-hour-long hearing featuring testimony by Michael Cohen went much as you might expect for much of the day. Following Cohen’s blistering opening statement, Democrats spent their…

Donald Trump reportedly called Rep. Matt Gaetz to praise him for the threatening Cohen tweet
On the eve of Michael Cohen’s testimony before the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Matt Gaetz sent a tweet that was construed by nearly everyone who saw it as a direct…

It’s Weisselberg’s Time In The Barrel. Co-Operating or Not He’s Being Called.
Just in from The Daily Beast Trump’s money guy is gonna take the hot seat.     “The House intelligence community intends to call the Trump Organization’s chief financial officer to testify,…

'A Major Failure': North Korea Summit Cut Short as Trump Refuses to Lift Sanctions
Peace leaders and international observers expressed disappointment on Thursday that President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un cut short their second summit after they reached an impasse…

Pete Souza’s Best Photograph: Obama Shows How You Talk to a Dictator.
Pete Souza tells a story about Obama meeting Putin in Normandy, France in 2014: The Guardian “I wasn’t supposed to be here for this picture. It was taken on the 70th…

Trump team flew to Hanoi not knowing what Kim would and would not be willing to give up?
Another leisurely train trip for North Korea’s Dear Leader. More incoherent blather from the Best Dealmaker Ever. Summit cut short. No ceremonial signing of an agreement because no agreement. If you were hoping somehow…

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