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New York Times publisher rolls over for Trump in toothless interview about 'fake news'
More than three years after Donald Trump rode the down escalator inside Trump Tower to announce his radical campaign for president, more than three years after he began waging a vicious war…

Today’s Most Under-Reported Important Story Is…The Length of the Mueller Investigation.
We have heard reporters who claim to have absolute reliable sources tell us that Mueller is wrapping up his investigation and putting the final touches on his “report” which will…

Trump gaslights America on sworn, televised, transcribed testimony of his intelligence chiefs
From the desk of the most delusional person to ever occupy the Oval Office, Donald Trump wants you to know that what you saw, heard, and read about the sworn testimony…

It's official: Trump drops out of nuclear treaty, giving Putin the destabilized Europe he wants
The Russian asset in the White House has proven his worth to Putin by doing yet another thing Russia wanted out of him, suspending U.S. participation in the Intermediate-Range Nuclear…

Howard Schultz is reportedly 'freaking out' about the Democratic backlash to his presidential plans
With the announcement that billionaire former CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz was considering a run as an independent candidate for the presidency in 2020, came a very predictable backlash. Apparently, the…

Majority of Americans say Trump knew his minions were misleading Congress, federal investigators
Donald Trump can call the Russia probe a "Witch Hunt!" all he wants, but when you're the lyingest liar around, turns out people don't believe you. That's pretty much the takeaway…

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