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GOP blocking House Intel Committee from giving Mueller possible perjury info by not naming members
How to keep a Special Counsel from getting info he needs to indict Republicans for lying to Congress?  Easy: keep the new Dem-controlled House Committee that has the goods from…

Greg Sargent Details How Pelosi Had to Overcome Charges of Bothsiderism to Make Trump Cave.
Greg Sargent, Washington Post reporter and principal writer for the Post’s influential Plum Line Blog, today tweeted out an interesting thread on how the MSM tried for all its worth to equate…

Existential Fear: the definitive reason Trump is so subservient to Putin and Russian Oligarchs
Trump needs political favors as currency to pay off debt to Russian Mobsters! That’s why he has such a strong affinity for Russia and why he is so subservient to Putin. Trump’s…

Former police officer says Trumps Sr. and Jr., Michael Cohen got gun permits through bribery scheme
One of the issues facing the current administration, filled with billionaires, millionaires, and all-around terrible people, is that its members have spent a considerable amount of their lives being allowed to…

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Respublikanets, falling Stone, and the world's largest cave
This column actually ran way back on Monday, but I’ve been clutching it all week to use it today… Catherine Rampell: The GOP has become the Soviet party Washington Post Once upon…

Donald Trump Just Made a Fantastic Argument AGAINST Building His Idiotic Border Wall
Well, it took thirty-five days and cost about six billion dollars, and incalculable personal suffering, but the Trump Shutdown is now over (temporarily). To say that Donald Trump caved is…

Nine Year Old Sees A Barefoot Homeless Boy. What He Does Next Reminds And Teaches Us Of Who We Are.
Nine-year-old Cheikh Faizal was walking with his father on the way to meet some family friends, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  They had just left a mosque and were passing the Bukit Bintang…

Trump's 'Axis of Evil': Pompeo, Bolton & Abrams
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called on countries to "pick a side" on Venezuela, urging them to back opposition leader Juan Guaido in a Saturday speech at the UN…

EPA fines against big business drop by 85 percent under Trump, down to a historic low
One of the Environmental Protection Agency’s main jobs is to go after and fine businesses that are polluting our air and waterways by not following the bare minimum in federal and…

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