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Trump is Boxed inside his Racist Hate Wall
It is day 7 of the government shutdown, caused by Trump’s and his base’s obsession with building walls. With Trump and the GOP, it is all about building medieval walls…

Poor Donald Trump is Alone in the Big, Scary White House Tweeting About the 'Witch Hunt Hoax'
The saddest story of the year has got to be the tear-jerking saga of a lonely president who is desperate and frightened about the monsters under his bed. Donald Trump…

Amid shutdown, government helps fund Trump's private New Year's party
It’s not much in the grand scheme of things, but it’s definitely more than most federal workers could make from loofah-ing dead skin off the buttocks of their landlords. (Or…

Beto once again shows Dems how to counter Trump and go viral
Congressman Beto O’Rourke gained a ton of national attention this year during his Senate campaign with a video of his response to a question about NFL Players kneeling during the National Anthem… Video of…

Faux News Asks to Use Vid of Con Ed Explosion Taken by Brooklyn Man, Gets Told "F**k No...swine."
A Brooklyn man, Justin Bolognino, got some epic video of the Con Ed transformer explosion Thursday night… And the apparatchiks at Faux Spews were all hot to use it…

Senator Maizie Hirono promises to donate shutdown salary to Hawaii's food banks
Senator Mazie Hirono announced that she will be donating the pay she receives during Trump’s partial government shutdown. Specifically, she’ll donate to food banks in four counties across Hawaii. Senator…

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