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"We are coming" The Viceroy of Afghanistan may return as Trump could privatize that war.
Trump’s desire to withdraw half of the current US forces from Afghanistan immediately makes mistakes similar to his reckless Syrian force withdrawal. Trump’s wagging the dog may only ever be about…

#TrumpShutdown's idle hands: Individual-1 looks for others to blame - Thanks, Obama!
Apparently James Mattis is ungrateful and PBO is at fault because people are being mean to Individual-1. When have we seen this kind of tweet before? Trump just cannot “man-up” after…

They took on the GOP, the NRA, and Fox News—now these Parkland survivors may take on the Ivy League
Congratulations are in order for two of the high school students turned shooting survivors turned activists, who have recently announced some pretty great accomplishments falling far outside of their tireless battles…

Ocasio-Cortez Calls for Furlough of Congressional Pay Next Shutdown
US Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) on Saturday called for congressional salaries to be put on hold during the next government shutdown. The US government went into a partial shutdown at midnight…

Senate Republicans flee DC to enjoy Christmas while shutdown screws government workers
You’d think that if you’re a member of Congress, job number one would be to keep your country’s government operational at all times. But you’d be wrong. With a shutdown…

Individual-1's staying in DC through Day One of #TrumpShutdown instead of fleeing to golf in FL
There was an expectation that Individual-1 may yet flee to Mar-a-Lago for a golf weekend over Xmas. He canceled the scheduled flight on Friday and now there’s an update at half…

Was that Trump Tower Moscow Deal nearly Done, or was it really just a 'Bait and Switch'?
Do you know how far Micheal Cohen got with the Trump Moscow Deal, he was working on?I. f not, take a few minutes, and follow some of the overlooked recent…

Founder Of The GoFundMe Page For Trump’s Border Wall Is A Notable Fake News Site Impresario
This is classic Trumpian irony. Brian Kolfage, the triple-amputee Iraq War veteran, who started a GoFundMe page last week to crowd fund Trump’s mythic Mexican wall, which by Thursday night…

Russians Launched Massive Jill Stein Media Blitz in Final Days of 2016 Campaign
From Raw Story: According to a report from NBC, Russian operatives gave a big boost to Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein just before the 2016 election to draw away voters…

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