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Traitor Trump's week has gone from unbearable to nightmarish
By Tuesday, Putin’s puppet in the White House was clearly having a bad week, with  Donald Trump flailing on the border wall; his “charity” foundation shut down over rampant illegality; Michael Flynn…

No one asked Trump's attorney general pick to weigh in on the Russia probe. He did anyway
If they've opposed the Russia investigation in any way, Donald Trump will find them and put them in charge. Trump's Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker was a very public critic…

Kayfabe continues: Trump says he won't sign the spending bill because it's all about him
Because vetos are all he’s got in order to shake down Congress. Q: What’s going to happen? CORKER: “Who knows? Does the person sitting beside him at the WH know?”…

Trump's big mouth comes back to bite him, shatters his defense for felony campaign-finance fraud
Since the beginning of Donald Trump’s term in office, there’s been a “tweet for everything.” Twitter users have been amused that no matter the topic, there was an archive of…

Trump administration unveils plan to make more Americans go hungry
When the farm bill passed last week, extremist Republicans like Paul Ryan lamented the fact that they couldn't starve people with it by adding in work requirements for Supplemental Nutrition…

Facing wave of probes, Trump administration abruptly adopts pro-Kremlin policies on Syria, sanctions
It’s difficult to look at the Trump administration's swift movements Wednesday on policy shifts toward Syria and Russian sanctions without being suspicious. Without any perceptible warning to Congress, Trump announced a…

North Korea reiterates stance that it won't denuclearize the region unless the U.S. does likewise
As the months have passed since Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un met for a summit in Singapore in June, progress on economic sanctions and the North’s nuclear program…

Trump tweets 'border is tight.' So no need for that stupid wall, right?
Opposing Donald Trump in building a stupid, expensive, and racist wall along the U.S./Mexico border: Donald Trump, apparently, who declared earlier Thursday morning that the “border is tight,” which can only mean…

Trump forces Russia to take Syria, because they'll just hate that!
On Wednesday, Donald Trump defied facts, reason, and the advice of the military by announcing that ISIS was defeated and he was withdrawing all American troops from Syria. But in…

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