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The Russia probe is making millions by catching serial tax cheats
The special counsel's spending on the Russia probe has now exceeded $25 million, according to the Department of Justice, but the investigation has likely netted far more in recouped losses…

Things Don't Just "Happen", We Make Them Happen - Tuesday, December 18, Good News Roundup
Today’s big news story is likely to be the Michael Flynn sentencing at 11:00 AM ET in federal court in Washington, DC. ☭ This Russher Thing ☭ It is all…

Russians attacked Mueller for investigating Trump's collusion and conspiracy
As if their traitorous allies from Fox News and the NRA weren’t enough, we now know the Russian Federation directly targeted the Special Counsel’s investigation into their puppet’s, Donald Trump, criminality…

GOP senator who voted for tax cuts cites deficit to kill bill to treat vets exposed to Agent Orange
I never want to hear about patriotism and the GOP. When they wave the flag and say they care about our veterans, it’s all lies and propaganda. This is how the GOP treats our…

Hucky Boo Boo Sanders Lashes Out At James Comey From Official Government Twitter Account
This has the blue check, so it’s not a parody account, right? How about we rework a few phrases, “Republicans should stand up to Trump and his tremendous corruption” —…

Trump's DOJ - It's Not an Emolument Because We Say It's Not An Emolument.

Sears execs to split $25 mil in bonuses after telling workers no severance because of bankruptcy
Retail giant Sears filed for bankruptcy back in October of this year. The company claimed $2 billion in losses. According to Chicago local CBS affiliate, shortly after filing for bankruptcy, Sears…

Trump’s Got The Real Witches P*ssed Off Now, He Might Want To Watch It
It’s truly amazing how Donald Trump manages to p*ss off everybody and everything, given enough time. Now, the fact that he has used the term “Witch Hunt!” over 600 times…

You Better Watch Out, the Xians Are Gonna Get You If Your Holiday Decoration Violates Code
Wingnuts roasting on an open fire, Mike Pence talking to his toes, some people in Louisiana simply do not like other peoples’ concepts of holiday cheer. A Christmas lawn display…

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