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The 'Smocking Gun' — Trump retreats behind the tiniest, whiniest claims yet
Nothing screams innocence like retreating behind claims that no one has rock solid proof of guilt. Following last week’s triple-play of court filings centered around Donald Trump’s former national security…

Jerry Falwell Jr and the Pool Boy
From BuzzFeed : Influential evangelical leader and Donald Trump backer Jerry Falwell Jr. went into business with a young pool attendant he and his wife met while staying at a luxury hotel…

US, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait Launch 'Ludicrous' Effort to 'Sabotage' Support for Key UN Climate Study
The COP24 talks in Katowice, Poland have led to a "diplomatic standoff" that has world leaders, climate activists, and experts alarmed as four "oil allies"—the United States, Russia, Saudi Arabia,…

To whom does Rand Paul answer... or for whom is he apologizing
Banana Republican Rand Paul thinks trying to break the law at the national level should merit a fine. Perhaps it’s OK then to simply fine people for jumping their neighbors, regardless…

Comey testifies “NO COLLUSION” in a shout out to Dems and the Media—Hint: It’s the FRAMING, STUPID!
Yesterday James Comey testified in a closed session before Chairman (not much longer) Gowdy of the House and his band of email-obssessed cohorts.  I read the entire 235 pages of…

Process crimes, perjury traps, and the criminalization of politics: The legacy of George H.W. Bush
The passing of President George H.W. Bush this week presented Americans with an opportunity to reflect on a life lived in service to the United States. A child of privilege,…

John Kelly, the ‘Beacon of Discipline’ Was A Bully and A Bigot From The Get Go. Who’s Next?
Marine General John Kelly was billed as the “adult in the room,” replacing the hopeless and hapless Reince Priebus, who might have been an all right Chief of Staff in…

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