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LOL. Someone Invaded Rudy's Cyber, Changed His Gibberish Into Truth. (Hurry Before Gramps Deletes)
Somebody was mean to poor Rudy. (Click link in first tweet to see how) (Click here if deleted) Josh Marshall maps out the timeline. Replies try to be helpful…

Newsweek “Asked for a piece of advice for young women, Obama said: "My advice to young women is that you have to start by getting those demons out of your…

Trump got reassurances from Bush family that nobody would say mean things about him at the funeral
The anti-Trump sentiments at John McCain’s funeral must’ve really stuck with President Man Baby, because he agreed to attend George H.W. Bush’s funeral after the family reached out this past…

Dow drops nearly 800 points after Trump calls himself 'Tariff Man'
Early this morning, Donald Trump tweeted some homespun wisdom: And then this happened: Tariff Man is by far the worst new Marvel character ever. And they actually had a supervillain named…

John Dingell's modest proposal: Abolish the U.S. Senate
John Dingell was, before his 2015 retirement, a sitting congressman for nearly 60 years. He has a few ideas on how to repair our government and rebuild trust, like: automatic voter registration at…

Mueller recommends no prison time for Michael Flynn, clearly a treasure trove of information
The special counsel’s sentencing memo for Micheal Flynn is out and there’s good news and bad news. Bad news first: A ton of it (i.e. the juicy parts) has been redacted.…

Attorneys general in emoluments lawsuit subpoena Trump Organization, IRS
The attorneys general in Maryland and District of Columbia wasted no time seeking key records regarding Donald Trump's family business just one day after a federal judge ruled discovery could…

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