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So... the person installed in the oval office by Putin appears to have dementia.
Putin’s Tool has always been a vile, deranged moron. Since childhood. (He’s passed these characteristics to his children, and he seems to recruit only those that also fit this description to…

We now know that the current White House occupant is a delusional, autocratic crackpot
There was a point in time where it was possible to believe that Donald Trump’s constant, endless avalanche of falsehoods and distortions were largely statements made to distract from realities…

There was a Cohen-Flynn-Ukrainian Back-Channel that sought to get Russian Sanctions Lifted
In the dawning days of the Trump Administration — back when Michael Flynn was furiously denying his own Back-channel efforts to get Russian Sanctions lifted — there was another second-track,…

Senate Republican warns of civil war if Democrats continue supporting the Federal government
It never fails that the party responsible for divisive rhetoric and violence as a matter of course always threatens violence against other Americans because Democrats were successful in an election.…

Donald Trump is morally bankrupt, and so are his supporters
A lifetime ago, I was an Army combat engineer. Many of the troops that the current White House occupant has sent to the U.S.-Mexico border as part of a publicity stunt…

Russian state media: Trump 'seems to be an unbalanced person'
Oh, how the mighty stupid have fallen. Two short months ago, the entire UN General Assembly, more or less, openly laughed at Donald Trump when he tried out one of…

The forgotten isue for the “Lame Duck” session that can’t be ignored.
Every cycle, this is the “Uncle Krusty Show” time for the congress. It’s a unique blending of hubris and rampant indifference. Look what happens every time during a :lame duck”…

Former FBI Director James Comey agrees to testify as long as it's made public when it's over
James Comey, the former director of the FBI, reached a deal to testify privately to the House Judiciary Committee, according to his attorney, David Kelley. Comey also agreed to withdraw…

Why Time's 'Person of the Year' should be the Democratic woman
Each December, Time magazine announces its Person of the Year. It’s the individual (or group) who, “for better or for worse,” as the magazine puts it, had the greatest influence on…

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