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Here's what Paul Manafort was lying about—and it's the missing piece between Moscow and Trump
Paul Manafort was hauled back into court this week to face charges from the special counsel that he had breached his plea deal by “repeatedly lying.” And now the Guardian…

Manafort's screwed; Trump's implicated; and parts of Mueller's investigation may become public
Back in September, Paul Manafort—Russian agent and former Trump campaign chair extraordinaire—accepted a plea deal that required him to divulge pretty much everything, to be on call to testify, and…

Trump freaks and attacks Mueller today because the ammo dump may get lit in #TrumpRussia
#TrumpRussia has never been about “smoking guns” as it’s been about smoldering arsenals and the ammo dump may be ready to go up. What has been missing thus far were…

None of the media’s “explanations” about Paul Manafort make any sense!
OK, I give up, somebody is gonna have to explain it to my dumb ol’ ass. The Prosecutions court filing yesterday saying that Manafort had blown his pea deal by…

Trump prepares to hand China the keys to the future, so he can keep pretending to 'win'
The Wall Street Journal conducted an extended interview with Donald Trump on just one topic, dammit—what are we going to do about China. Most of the conversation between the WSJ’s…

Manafort plea deal may have started as a set up for Robert Mueller ... and ended as a trap for Trump
Special Counsel Robert Mueller has accused Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort of breaching his plea deal by repeatedly lying to investigators after agreeing to provide information in exchange for a…

Lady Melania’s MAGA Xmas Trees Are Getting Pilloried On Twitter
Once upon a time a foul Stygian presence defiled the People’s House for 674 days and counting. And lo, the heavens opened up and showered down their wrath and soon…

An update to yesterdays article about Trump underestimating the American people.
Wipe that smirk off of your face right now. I am not denying, refuting, or admitting anything. I am simply enriching the texture of my previous narrative. I like the way…

Fox & Friends let Trump's EPA head choose his own questions
The combination of Fox & Friends and corrupt former Environmental Protection Administration head Scott Pruitt wouldn’t lead you to expect anything good, and boy did they deliver. Donald Trump’s favorite morning show…

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