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Believe it or not, there’s somebody even more worried about Mueller than Trump.
You know, Der Gropinfuror really should stop calling it a “witch hunt.” At last check, small as it is, Trump still had a teenie-weenie, so he really should be referring…

The real “contrast” that can sink the GOP in 2020.
I know, I know, all of you poor people must be sitting around wondering, “What ancient pagan god did I piss off, to deserve a triple scoop of the Murfster…

Trump's Thanksgiving message to the people: Let's have a government shutdown!
In what must have been a huge relief to his family, the orange behemoth spent his Thanksgiving golfing and ranting and making threats, continuing right on through to Friday morning…

Comey will fight Republican subpoena for 'political stunt' of a closed-door hearing
Fresh off the news that Donald Trump wanted the Justice Department to prosecute James Comey and Hillary Clinton, House Republicans followed through on their threat to subpoena Comey for private testimony. Comey is not having…

Trump trying to force constitutional crisis with 'lethal force' authorization on border
While troops amassed at the border for a purely political stunt missed Thanksgiving with their families, the fraud that sent them there was golfing and musing over how many ways…

The GOP blew their last “freebie.” Let’s not blow ours.
You know, it’s one thing for a politician to lack common sense, Lord knows that happens occasionally, but when they lack political sense, that’s like feasting on grapes at a Borgia…

Another big donor asks for money back after condemning Republican candidate's lynching 'joke'
Mississippi Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith is in a runoff election for Senate against Democrat Mike Espy; the voting takes place on November 27. The past couple of weeks have seen Hyde-Smith’s…

Pay attention, Dems: One Georgia race debunked campaign myths and outlined a path to victory in 2020
Do you remember Jon Ossoff's fight last year in Georgia?  I do. It was one of the biggest election stories out of 2017: a charismatic, young neophyte took on a rightwing…

'We Are Not Robots': Amazon Workers Across Europe Walk Out on Black Friday Over Low Wages and 'Inhuman Conditions'
Amazon workers across Europe staged a walkout on Black Friday—when retailers offer major deals to holiday season shoppers the day after Thanksgiving—to protest low wages as well as "inhuman conditions"…

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Thanks to Reporter Andrew Feinberg for This Blow by Blow Account of drumpf's Call to The Troops.

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