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Semper WTFi? Trump Tells FOX News that He Only Supports the Military When They Bow Down to Him
This has been a busy Sunday for Donald Trump. When he wasn't posting flagrant propaganda videos of himself disrespecting California fire victims, he was excitedly planted in front of his…

It's No Longer a Difference of Opinion
There was a time in American politics where issues would be debated.  One side would want one thing, and the other would want another thing.  Usually, they'd fight it out,…

Trump not exactly sweeping the floors at the Finland Station
A Rake's Progress is a series of eight paintings by 18th-century English artist William Hogarth. The canvases were produced in 1732–34, then engraved in 1734 and published in print form's_Progress…

Trump re-election looks shaky, even before we hear from Mueller
I always enjoy the hot takes on how Trump will “probably” be re-elected in 2020 written by lazy pundits. He might be re-elected (anything can happen), but here are some sound…

McRaven Fires Back: "I admire all presidents... who uphold the dignity of their office."
Adm. William McRaven wasted no time responding to the Orange fart-sack that befouls the Oval Office, who had the stupidity to denigrate he and his fellows in SEAL Team Six…

The Gettysburg Address turns 155-years-old and means as much now as it did then
On November 19, 1863, Abraham Lincoln went down to officially dedicate a National Cemetery of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania. The site itself was one of the most violent spaces of battle in the…

Has America reached peak hate under Trump, and where do we go next?
Now that it’s become obvious even to Donald Trump that he really did lose in a massive way during the midterm elections, he’s predictably begun to sulk and fume angrily…

'Proud Boys' reportedly denied taxis at far-right rally in Philadelphia
Members of the white nationalist, misogynistic group “Proud Boys” were apparently denied rides from taxis and Ubers after a “We the People” rally in Philadelphia. At the rally, it appeared…

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