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Trump is finally revealing himself as the sick, incompetent joke we all knew he was
The measure of someone’s character is best taken not in the times of success, but in times of adversity. Since Donald Trump's life took a pronounced turn for the worse…

Trump loses big, again, in the House Republican leadership race
So much for that effort by the unindicted co-conspirator to get his guy in at the helm of the much diminished House Republicans. Trump's guy, Freedom Caucus founder, and child…

Trumpkins Loses It Over Fox’ Support Of CNN Lawsuit and Trump Spins It Into A Fundraiser
If there is one thing you may depend upon from Donald Trump it is that he will turn every single development in his life into a way to make a…

Trump isn't just blowing up with anger, he's blowing off every duty of his office
Donald Trump’s weekend in a Paris hotel, spent hunched over Twitter and recordings of his favorite Fox shows while the rest of the world tried to carry on the business of…

Florida Senator who tweets Bible verse to defend his recount conspiracy is owned on Twitter
Marco Rubio, noted Bible verse tweeting phony and loyal Trump minion, uses a Bible verse to try and bolster his conspiracy theory about the Florida recount. Bill Nelson’s Florida recount attorney, Marc Elias,…

Lawyers seek 'The Apprentice' tapes to prove Donald Trump's racial bias in civil rights case
For years there have been accusations from former employees of The Apprentice that Donald Trump routinely used derogatory and racist language while filming the Mark Burnett produced show. After the Access…

Dear Mitch McConnell, you know what you can do with your 'bipartisanship,' right?
If there were a God, Mitch McConnell would have been reduced to a pile of smoldering ash years ago. After this op-ed at, where else, Fox News, God would sweep…

Not this frigging guy again: Former acting ICE director reportedly in running to replace Nielsen
Good grief, not this evil motherfu*cker again. “President Donald Trump is reportedly ready to get rid of his Department of Homeland Security secretary as early as this week and is mulling…

The key to winning in 2020? Think of Trump as the political “American Pie.”
If you’re old enough, you know exactly what I meant by the reference to “American Pie” in the title. If you’re not, then just substitute “Born in the USA,” or…

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