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Unhinged: An Insiders' Account of the Trump White House by Omarosa Manigault NewmanFear: Trump in the White House  by Bob WoodwardEverything Trump Touches Dies: A Republican Strategist Gets Real About the Worst President Ever by Rick Wilson The Constitution Demands It: The Case for the Impeachment of Donald Trump

New York AG Barbara Underwood Absolutely Owns Trump In Statement. Twitter Approves.
Rachel Maddow: New York Attorney General's office responds to Trump filing to dismiss state lawsuit against Trump Foundation...

Michael Eric Dyson just dragged the sh*t out of Trump on live television
Michael Eric Dyson knew the late great Aretha Franklin for many years. On Friday, he was one of many performers, religious leaders, and friends to speak during the memorial for Franklin,…

The Walls of Truth, Justice, and Democracy Are Closing in on Trump: Saturday's Good News
The news is coming fast and furious these days.  Every action of this administration illustrates how evil they are, how corrupt they are, or how incompetent they are.  Some actions illustrate…

Trump's Executive Order on Retirement Accounts Panned as 'Cruel Joke on American Workers'
Republicans "will inevitably use this executive order as an additional excuse to cut Social Security"

So, it’s Friday and Mueller is rolling out new indictments...First up, Sam Patten
Sam Patton who? Apparently a tie between Cambridge Analytical, Ukraine, Manafort and Gates...oh and it includes placing fake news in US papers. According to Axios: During the 2014 election cycle,…

Papadopoulos says Sessions & Trump okayed Kremlin connection, wife begs for pardon
The noose tightens on Trump, and Sessions too: In a sentencing memo using what can only be described as the “I’m a total idiot” defense strategy, George Papadopoulos (via his lawyers) revealed that…

Manafort Ally Linked to Cambridge Analytica and Russian Intelligence Pleads Guilty
Here’s the latest domino to fall in the Mueller probe. Sam Patten is a lobbyist who worked with Paul Manafort on various campaigns in Ukraine, and also with Cambridge Analytica…

Meghan McCain Dismantles Trump In her Eulogy for Her Father.
I’m not the biggest fan of Meghan McCain or her father but watching her tear into Trump was a thing of beauty.

Florida Republican gives weakest excuse yet for his admin privileges in a racist Facebook group
Florida’s gubernatorial race is shaping up to be between progressive Democrat Andrew Gillum and Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis. On the one side, Gillum is running on a platform of fixing the…

TRUMP'S APPROVAL NUMBERS TAKE A DIVE (and it's not just any poll, it's the A-rated IBD/TIPP poll)
“Trump's Approval Number Nose-Dives, Dems' Blue Wave Might Be Building” That’s the headline at Investor’s Business Daily — and yes, they used the word “nose-dives”. Trump’s approval percentage has dropped 5 points since last…

McCain Goes Out as the Bigger Man, with his Biggest Message
John McCain would be far more valuable alive, spry, and well, being a maverick on Capitol Hill, making everyone uncomfortable, including Trump. But, none of us control our fate when…

Now the Whiner-in-Chief Donald Trump is Freaking Out About Polls Because He's at Another New Low
It really is pathetic when the President of the United States is so obsessed with his polling that he can't keep from whining - and lying - about it to…

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