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Bizarro-world conspiracy cult QAnon seeps into the ranks of police officers, and it’s not harmless
The problem with police officers being white supremacists is an obvious one: The public cannot have confidence that laws will be enforced equitably when even one such officer employed is…

Rep. Ilhan Omar responds to vicious Trump tweet with sweet burn about his taxes
Trump has always brayed like a dopey ass on Twitter, but in the wake of the seismic New York Times report about the ocher abomination’s taxes, the rejoinders kind of…

'No Question' Trump and Daughter Ivanka Could Face Jail Time for Tax Fraud After Leaving White House, Says Legal Expert
Both President Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka are liable to face jail time due to tax fraud should the president lose his reelection bid in November, a former Watergate…

"Ball Is Now in the Court of Senate Republicans": GOP Urged to Immediately Pass Democrats' $2.2 Trillion Covid Relief Bill
Progressive advocacy groups and labor leaders are urging Senate Republicans and the Trump White House to stop stonewalling and immediately approve a Covid-19 relief package unveiled late Monday by House…

Grand juror in police murder of Breonna Taylor accuses Kentucky AG of hiding truth about case
As has been obvious from the beginning, the legal story of the police murder of Breonna Taylor has been badly misreported. In almost every article or news story, journalists have…

'Outrageous' and 'Disturbing': Openly Defying Federal Court Order, Wilbur Ross Moves to Shut Down Census Early
Just days after a federal judge ordered the Trump administration to reinstate the previous October 31 deadline for the 2020 census, the U.S. Census Bureau late Monday released a one-sentence…

Just how much is moderator Chris Wallace going to let Trump lie in Tuesday's debate?
Former Vice President Joe Biden and Donald Trump will meet in their first debate Tuesday night, at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Trump will go low, as an…

'The Apprentice' gave Trump a second shot of wealth ... he squandered that one just like the first
When the recordings of Donald Trump on Access Hollywood emerged a month before the 2016 election, many people assumed that the ugly admission of gleeful sexual assault would drive the…

'Our Leadership Has Failed Us': With Trump at Helm, 1/5 of One Million Global Covid-19 Deaths Have Been in US
As the globe marked what the United Nations called an "agonizing milestone" Tuesday, with over one million deaths from Covid-19 recorded worldwide, critics of U.S. President Donald Trump pointed out…

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