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Republican deficit peacocks emerge to tell Americans medical care, food, shelter aren't priorities
The House will release the bill for the fourth tranche of coronavirus stimulus Monday night or Tuesday morning, according to Politico's Playbook for Monday. Recognizing that corporations have gotten their…

Republicans Begin To Get A Clue That They Might Lose the Senate
If Mitch McConnell had been around to lead the dinosaurs back in the day, he probably would have said, “Don’t worry about that light in the sky that keeps getting…

Republicans think that calling the pandemic a war makes 80,000 dead okay
No. Just no. This is not a war. This is not a military mindset. You can’t shoot a virus. The virus has no strategy. No political or strategic goals. But suddenly,…

Biden: Why isn't Trump getting America the coronavirus testing he's using to protect himself?
In handling—or failing to handle—the coronavirus crisis, Donald Trump is “reverting to a familiar strategy of deflecting blame and dividing Americans,” former Vice President Joe Biden writes in a Washington Post op-ed.…

'Time for a Major Shift': Groups Demand Biden Vow End to Endless Wars and Destructive US Foreign Policy
In a letter Monday to former Vice President Joe Biden, over 50 groups urged the Democratic Party's presumptive nominee for president to embrace "a principled foreign policy, one that prioritizes…

CEOs were told to remove masks before meeting with Pence
The White House could not be more contaminated right now if it were a pig feces lagoon. Everyone from Mike Pence’s press secretary to one of Donald Trump’s personal valets…

130,000 dead by August as Trump proclaims "progress" in COVID-19 numbers
80,000 deaths today as Trump begins the morning with happy talk. More of the same at 4pm EDT today in a presser that should have some of the same memes.…

'Conflicts of Interest Abound': Progressives Sound Alarm as BlackRock Prepares to Lead the Fed's Covid-19 Corporate Bailout Program
BlackRock, the largest asset management firm on the planet, has for years faced criticism and protests from progressives over its massive investments in fossil fuels, private prisons, and the arms…

A U.S. company offered to ramp-up mask production by the millions—but Trump team ignored them
In further news of the Trump team's blazing, no-holds-barred incompetence, The Washington Post reported Saturday on still another dropped ball in the earliest days of the pandemic: In late January,…

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