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Former Obama official: Trump administration is turning 'health expert' into 'climate scientist'
Unless Ivanka or the inventor of the Egg McMuffin happens to be reading this, it’s a good bet Donald Trump doesn’t give a shit about you. If Trump could kill…

US Blocks UN Global Ceasefire Resolution, Objecting to Indirect Reference to World Health Organization
International diplomats were stunned and frustrated Friday night after the U.S. again blocked a United Nations resolution to call for a global ceasefire during the coronavirus pandemic. The U.S. objected…

Joe Scarborough vs. Ted Cruz in Twitter steel-cage death match
Pop up a big ole bowl of popcorn and open up the Twitter machine for the Fight of the Century, the Thrilla from Vanilla.  It the far corner we have…

Bill Maher Gets It Right on Tara Reade Case: "Don't know, never will, don't care"
I was about ready to throw my shoe at the TV when MSNBC’S Steve Kornacki dredged up Megyn Kelly’s interview with Tara Reade and showed the clip where she says…

A Brilliant Essay on the reopening of the country vs the reopening of Jurassic Park
This essay by engineer, filmmaker and writer Carlos Greaves titled “Sure, the Velociraptors are still on the loose, but that’s no reason not to reopen Jurassic Park” is simply brilliant. It is a…

Trump's hundreds of coronavirus lies paved the way for thousands of COVID-19 deaths
Calvin Woodward and Hope Yen at the Associated Press introduced their updated fact-check story of the squatter in the White House Saturday morning with these words: Truth can be a casualty when President…

A group of nurses held a protest and created a heartbreaking memorial in front of the White House
Medical and health professionals have been risking their lives amid the novel coronavirus pandemic with little to no personal protective equipment. For weeks healthcare personnel have spoken up about a…

NYTimes asks the Burning Question: If the White House Isn't Safe, Who Really IS?
People in the White House are tested often.  Up until yesterday, Trump and Pence were tested once per week.  They are now changing to every day. Peter Baker and Michael…

Warren Calls Out 'Economic Disaster' and 'Moral Failure' Brought on by Ineptitude and Cruelty of Trump and the GOP
In the wake of a jobs report that provided a glimpse of the unprecedented economic devastation wrought by the Covid-19 crisis and intensified by the federal government's failure to respond,…

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