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Judicial Committee Releases Thousands of Docs, Repubs Beg for More Time
It is Sunday, which means another Republican senator will make the rounds speaking in tongues about Ukrainian fictional drama. We hear that the Ukrainians are awful and corrupt people, and…

The press doesn't have—or won't use—the proper language to describe today's radical Republican Party
Extreme times call for extreme measures, but the Beltway press just isn't willing to make that move in the Trump era. As a consequence, the news media fail to accurately…

Pompeo asks when he’ll be ‘loved’. Music legend responds: ‘when you stop enabling Trump’
This little gem from Twitter.   According to Sam Greisman, a movie writer and the youngest son of Sally Field, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was having a major sad at the State Department dinner for Kennedy Center honorees.…

Katie Hill's viral essay on resigning from Congress and mental health sparks support online
Former California Congressperson Katie Hill wrote a brave, moving essay for The New York Times which detailed her narrative as a survivor of a “toxic” marriage, leaving Congress, and contemplating suicide while…

Election Night: It “looked as if he had seen a ghost.”
There’s so much more insider dirt disclosed here, about the unexpected chaotic beginnings… that has led up to the unexpected perpetual train wreck, we all have to endure now: On the afternoon of November…

Trump to Israeli council: 'You're not going to vote for the wealth tax!'
Get it? Because all Jews hoard money! And they’re “brutal killers” who are “not nice people at all.”  Yep.  Just the typical ramblings of our mentally unstable *resident. “A lot…

Trump brings pardoned U.S. war criminals onstage at Florida Republican fundraiser
Donald Trump was in particularly odious form over the weekend. His primary non-appearance appearance was on Saturday night, when he spoke at a secret no-phones, no-reporters fundraising event for the…

Defense officials concerned about growing support for Vladimir Putin by US Troops.
“People’s beliefs and perceptions are shaped more by whatever the leaders of their own political tribe say than by ideology, history, or even their own self-interest,” Paul Pillar, former senior…

'Now Let's Do This Everywhere': Kansas City, Missouri Approves Free Public Transit for All
Lawmakers in Kansas City, Missouri took a "visionary step" on Thursday by unanimously voting to make public transportation in the city free of charge, setting the stage for it to…

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