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Republicans Are Reacting Just Like We Would Expect Cult Members to React: Saturday's Good News
There is a famous case study in social psychology “When Prophecy Fails” which describes a cult that believed that the world was going to end at a specific time.  Researchers…

Ilhan Omar's GOP opponent banned from Twitter for suggesting congresswoman should be hanged
Republicans sure like to throw the word “treason” around these days. Unfortunately, they tend to throw it at everyone but our very guilty pr*sident.  Danielle Stella, who is running for Minnesota…

"there is no evidence to prove that a September 9 Trump/Sondland phone conversation ever took place"
More Trump lies and disinformation. Remember that Trump did his little recitation stunt on the South Lawn during chopper talk to draw attention away from the testimony of the July 26…

The disease of delusion spreads, almost like Putin owns them all
This week in the ongoing disaster film that is the Trump administration, now that we’ve had our first set of Impeachment Hearings we can now see the collective GOP curl…

Trump wants to waste another $300 million after border fencing breached with $100 saws
Donald Trump’s administration is prepared to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on “quality assurance” after U.S. officials said that smugglers had used commercially available power tools going for $100 to slice…

BUSTED: Evidence Shows Trump and Sondland Are LYING About Second Call
I know it’s a bit dicey, but get down in the weeds with me for a bit and I will help you understand how it is that the White House…

Matt Gaetz Goes to War With Georgia Governor, and Friday Pick Six
Matt Gaetz knows that daddy knows best, indeed Gaetz owes his station in life to adhering to the principle. Representative Gaetz did  not like the fact that George Governor Brian Kemp…

'We See No Other Options': Youth Activists Lead Global #ClimateStrike Ahead of COP 25
People worldwide poured into the streets Friday for a youth-led climate strike that aimed to pressure global governments to step up their efforts to tackle the planetary emergency at a…

America's wealthy are no better at giving to charity than they are at paying fair tax rates
A major talking point of trickle-down economics, conservative "entitlement" reforms, and the fabulously wealthy themselves is that the government need not be in the business of helping the hungry, the…

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