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Lyin' (media) King: Trump as a dry-drunk Foster Brooks and Tommy Flanagan the Pathological Liar
Dry drunk is a colloquial expression that describes an alcoholic who no longer drinks but otherwise maintains the same behavior patterns of an alcoholic.  Trump truly believes that as POTUS*…

Dick's crossed the NRA, and they hit back hard. Now Dick's has to deal sales ever
Last year, the Parkland students took on the NRA. All of the adults in the room told them that was futile, because the NRA was just too powerful with their…

Trump and the Military – A Significant Problem
“You are not going to change my mind.”  That was a comment by my cousin, a tenth dan martial arts legend and ardent Trump supporter during a recent phone call.…

China Wants a Trump Victory: Trump Is Predictable and Unprincipled
The Chinese government has determined that they prefer Trump in the 2020 election over whatever Democrat might win the nomination. Their reasoning is straight-forward, the logic undeniable: “For although he…

Martin O’Malley, American, confronts Trump ICE chief at DC Bar.
From the Huffington Post: Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) said he confronted acting U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Ken Cuccinelli at a bar in Washington on Wednesday over…

Tucker Carlson of FOX News Admits on Air that Trump is 'A Full-Blown BS ARTIST'
Occasionally Fox News let's its guard down and airs something that has the distinct ring of truth. There has been very little of that in the past few weeks as…

A Thanksgiving meditation on Turkey. The other one
Just over a century ago, on a rare rainy day in Jerusalem, Turkish troops made a final stand on the Mount of Olives before backing away. It took a few days…

On Thanksgiving, I'm thankful my ancestors left Europe, and that America took them in
“I’ve got something I’d like to say.” That’s what I usually offer up as a preamble, as I try to get the attention of my kids and other family members…

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