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GOP: an entire party of cheap dates for Russian money #MoscowMarsha
GOP Sens. Ron Johnson and Marsha Blackburn are tied to Russian money and Trump conspiracy theories. "Going back to her 2007 meeting with Russian diplomat Igor Matveev, Marsha Blackburn has…

Former Supreme Court Justice Kennedy asked Trump to replace him with Kavanaugh
This is gross. A new book from Ruth Marcus, a Washington Post deputy editorial page editor, details a secret meeting between Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy and Donald Trump in…

This one number shows how shameless Jim Jordan is
If you’ve been watching the impeachment hearings and—heaven help you—the statements House Republicans have made to the press around the hearings, there’s a number that keeps coming up that shows…

Watch Lindsey Graham run when a Marine veteran asks him about staying true to his oath of office
As many have already said, Donald Trump may be the most corrupt public official we have seen in our lifetimes. The current impeachment hearings have made it very clear that…

Justice Department watchdog expected to absolve FBI of any major wrongdoing in Russia probe
An internal watchdog review by the Justice Department of the FBI's actions in the early stages of the Trump-Russia investigation is expected to clear the agency's top-level officials of any wrongdoing, an outcome…

Why FOX Attacked LTC Vindman - a chilling report by a former FOX employee
Former FOX host Tobin Smith explains why the network decided to attack and slime courageous Purple Heart veteran Vindman when he came forward as a witness in the impeachment proceedings.…

Pompeo Calls It 'Democracy' in Bolivia as Post-Coup Violence Grows and Fear of Civil War Intensifies
Observers on the ground in Bolivia are calling on the United Nations to take urgent action to prevent the country from descending into a full-blown civil war as the military,…

Two Supreme Court cases loom large in efforts to obtain Trump's financial records
With impeachment hearings potentially over, the effort to obtain Donald Trump's financial records in two separate disputes now takes center stage at the Supreme Court, with a potential ruling imminent.…

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