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In FOX News Meltdown, Trump Press Secretary Comes Out as 'Deep State' Conspiracy Kook
As the walls are crumbling all around him, Donald Trump is frantically trying to reinforce the White House bunker that is rapidly becoming his prison. His rants are becoming more…

Trump's approval rating may be headed toward shutdown territory
Donald Trump's approval rating in recent polls is hitting some of its lowest marks of the year and appears to be sliding ever closer to his lowest point in 2019 during…

Warnings DOJ Has Become 'Vehicle for President Trump's Political Revenge' as Barr Opens Criminal Probe of Mueller Investigation
Raising fresh concerns that President Donald Trump is weaponizing the Justice Department for his own political and personal gain, Attorney General William Barr's "administrative review" of former Special Counsel Robert…

Congressman slams GOP: just guys 'having pizza around a conference table pretending to be brave'
On Wednesday, a gaggle of chicken-headed Republican officials decided to breach national security in the hopes of upping their “Q ratings,” in their respective districts. As the walls begin to…

Russian state TV laughs at GOP: 'Without us, they can't elect a president'
So Matt Gaetz, who looks like a bobblehead without the neck spring, led a goofy (and likely illegal) Doolittle raid on our own government yesterday. Yeah, you read about that.…

Fox News legal analyst surprises Fox & Friends by destroying impeachment talking points
The Democratic Party’s use of the Republican-abused tools of closed-door hearings has driven the Grand Old Party mad. On Wednesday, a few dozen ornery old white guys in boring suits threatened…

Republicans air revenge porn against Democratic congresswoman, and she's the one in trouble
A nude photo of a member of Congress—naturally, a young woman—was published on a right-wing website as she’s in the middle of a divorce from a husband she says is…

Steve Bannon's rogue impeachment defense shows just how stupid he thinks Trump is
Steve Bannon still strongly supports Donald Trump, wants him in the White House … and very clearly believes he’s an f’ing idiot. Watching the impeachment inquiry, and Trump’s response, from outside Trump’s inner…

The GOP's process arguments against impeachment are just astoundingly, stupidly shortsighted
The Democrats' impeachment strategy of gathering evidence through closed-door hearings that deny Republicans the opportunity to make a circus of them is working brilliantly. It has robbed Donald Trump of…

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