The Moment of Reckoning When Desantis Realizes Newsom Just Cleaned His Clock

The Moment of Reckoning: When DeSantis Realizes Newsom Just Cleaned His Clock

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ challenging presidential campaign faced a severe setback during a Fox News moderated debate, where California Governor Gavin Newsom delivered a series of striking criticisms. One particularly impactful moment came during a discussion on immigration, where Newsom forcefully challenged DeSantis’ credibility on the issue.

Newsom began by highlighting DeSantis’ inconsistent stance on immigration, before proceeding to vehemently criticize the Florida governor’s actions and character. He described DeSantis’ approach to immigration as deceptive, involving luring migrants from Texas with false promises of jobs and housing, only to transport them to unexpected locations like Martha’s Vineyard and a parking lot in Sacramento, California. Newsom emphasized his direct engagement with the migrants affected by DeSantis’ policies, condemning the use of human beings as pawns in political gamesmanship.

Further, Newsom criticized DeSantis for his extreme rhetoric on the Republican debate stage, where he spoke of shooting people with backpacks and suggested aggressive strategies towards Mexico, America’s second-largest trading partner. He also pointed out DeSantis’ previous support for amnesty and reforms during the Obama administration, suggesting a contradiction in his current stance on immigration reform.

The article suggests that footage highlighting DeSantis’ discomfort during Newsom’s forceful critique of his immigration policies is available, portraying it as a significant moment in the debate.

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