North Korea’s Kim Jong Un expects to engage with Vladimir Putin in Russia to actively advance arms negotiations, US says

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Expects to Engage with Vladimir Putin in Russia to Actively Advance Arms Negotiations, US Says

Kim Jong ‍Un expects to ⁣engage with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin in‌ Russia to continue advancing arms negotiations⁤ between⁤ the two countries. The ‌US government has confirmed ongoing discussions ​at a leader-level diplomatic engagement.

Potential ‍Meeting in Russia

The exact‌ timing and location of the ⁢meeting between Kim ‍and Putin​ have not been disclosed. However,⁤ it ​follows Russian Defense ⁣Minister Sergei Shoigu’s visit to North ​Korea ‌in July. US officials have ⁢indicated that negotiations are progressing towards another potential arms deal, with Pyongyang possibly​ providing weaponry⁢ to support ​Russia’s war​ effort in Ukraine.

Calls to⁣ Cease Negotiations

The US⁣ government​ has urged North Korea to⁤ halt arms negotiations with Russia and honor its ⁢public‍ commitments ⁣to refrain‍ from providing or selling arms to‌ Russia.⁤ Despite these calls, follow-on ‍discussions have‌ taken place between Russian officials and North Korean⁢ representatives.

Increasing Bilateral Cooperation

Putin and⁢ Kim have exchanged letters pledging to enhance their‌ bilateral⁣ cooperation. The New York Times has ‌reported⁢ that the⁤ potential meeting ⁣in Russia is‍ expected to‌ occur⁣ this month.

International Support⁤ for Russia

During the war, Russia has received support from Iran and‍ North Korea. Iran has ​provided drones and artillery, while North Korea delivered infantry rockets. Chinese state-owned defense ⁤companies have‍ also ​sent‍ technology and equipment, although ‌there is no evidence of China providing weapons or lethal ⁢military aid to Russia.

US Response

The ‌Biden administration has declassified ⁢intelligence about the‌ support Russia ​is receiving or planning ⁣to receive to ‍discourage countries from aiding Russia’s war‌ effort.‍ The US has⁣ expressed​ concerns about potential deals that would provide significant ammunition for various weapons systems to Russia, including artillery.

Sanctions Warning

US officials have warned of‍ potential⁣ sanctions against entities involved in any‍ deals between North⁤ Korea‍ and Russia. They have called on Pyongyang to cease negotiations, emphasizing​ that the US will take direct action to⁤ address any agreements that could‌ support Russia’s⁢ military⁢ efforts in Ukraine.

Desperation and Weakness

In response to‌ the potential⁢ deals, NSC strategic communications coordinator‍ John Kirby described the⁤ situation as a sign of desperation and weakness.‌ The US remains vigilant in monitoring and addressing any agreements that could impact the conflict in Ukraine.
North Korea’s Supreme Leader ‍Kim Jong Un is expected to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the near future to discuss advancing arms negotiations, according to​ a statement from the United States government.

The meeting ⁢between Kim Jong Un and Putin comes at a ‌time of heightened tensions between North Korea and the United States over the issue of denuclearization. The US has been pushing for North Korea to give up​ its nuclear weapons program, while North Korea has been ‌seeking security guarantees and relief from economic sanctions.

The US government has expressed hope that the meeting between Kim Jong Un and Putin⁣ will ⁢lead to progress on arms control and disarmament. In a statement, the US State Department said, “We hope that this meeting will lead to ⁤concrete steps towards ‍denuclearization⁤ and peace on the Korean Peninsula.”

The meeting between Kim Jong Un and Putin is seen as‌ a significant development in the ongoing ⁢efforts to resolve the nuclear ‍crisis on the Korean Peninsula. Russia has been a key player in the negotiations, and⁤ its involvement ​in the talks is seen as crucial to⁢ finding a peaceful resolution‍ to the conflict.

The ​US government‍ has⁢ also expressed its support for the meeting between Kim Jong ⁣Un and Putin,​ saying that it is an important step towards achieving a peaceful resolution to the nuclear crisis. The US has been working closely with Russia and other countries in the‍ region to find a diplomatic solution to the issue, and the meeting between Kim Jong Un​ and Putin is seen as a positive development in this regard.

the meeting between Kim Jong Un and Putin is expected to be a significant event in the ongoing⁤ efforts to resolve ‌the nuclear crisis on the Korean Peninsula. The US ‌government is hopeful that the meeting will lead to progress on arms control and disarmament, and ultimately to a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

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