Dear Gop You’ll Never Wash the Stink of Trump off You or Your Party Never

Dear GOP: You’ll Never Wash the Stink of Trump Off You or Your Party. Never.

Dear Republicans,

In the aftermath of the Coolidge and Hoover administrations, which were marred by corruption and led to the global economic crash in 1929, the Republican Party took decades to cleanse itself of these issues.

Moreover, following Nixon’s extension of the Vietnam War for re-election purposes, resulting in unnecessary casualties and his subsequent involvement in Watergate and White House bribery scandals, it took nearly a generation for the party to distance itself from these controversies.

However, the enduring legacy of Donald Trump’s tenure will be a stain that lasts for generations. His actions, such as inciting a crowd to attempt an attack on the Vice President and the Speaker of the House, will forever be etched in history.

Trump’s supporters defiled the hallowed halls of Congress, vandalizing priceless historical artifacts and causing the tragic deaths of police officers defending the Capitol. This foul episode will not fade, despite attempts to rewrite history, obscure identities, or propagate unfounded “deep state” theories.

Do you believe that Americans will forget the thousands of documented falsehoods Trump uttered during his presidency, including his frequent misrepresentations even in public speeches, prompting corrections even from Fox “News”?

What about the ominous declarations resembling those of a dictator, where he sought to dismantle the American Civil Service, fill the government with corrupt loyalists, imprison political adversaries, and deploy the military domestically, echoing the actions of authoritarian leaders worldwide?

Can you truly expect us to disregard his cozying up to murderous dictators like Putin, MBS, and Kim, while Republican politicians followed his directives to abandon Ukraine, raising concerns of influence from foreign powers?

Your actions, or lack thereof, in this regard are seen as cowardly and unpatriotic, marked by a sense of wretchedness.

Let’s not forget Trump’s attempt to pressure a democratic ally into manufacturing damaging information on his political rival, withholding aid to Ukraine during Russian aggression—an act so reprehensible that it led to his impeachment.

The stench of his derogatory remarks about predominantly Black nations and deceased veterans, as well as his disdain for injured veterans, lingers.

During the height of the pandemic, Trump urged a premature return to work and downplayed mask usage, contributing to countless avoidable deaths, as confirmed by scientific advisors and the Lancet journal.

His administration’s cynical decision to blame Democratic governors for COVID-19 deaths in blue states further exacerbated the crisis.

Trump’s son-in-law’s dubious dealings with Saudi Arabia, seemingly in exchange for downplaying the murder of a Washington Post journalist and ignoring their oppression of women, did not go unnoticed, reeking of nepotism and corruption.

Speaking of allegations, your continued support for a man facing credible accusations of rape and sexual assault by more than 20 women, including a 13-year-old, cannot be easily dismissed, especially after a court found him liable for rape.

As everyday Americans struggle with their taxes, Trump championed a $2 trillion tax cut benefiting himself and the wealthy, resulting in record budget deficits.

His history of business fraud, including the Trump University case and allegations of bank, tax, and insurance fraud, continues to tarnish his reputation.

The separation of children from their mothers at the border, followed by their placement in questionable “Christian adoption” services with missing records, haunts the nation.

Trump’s deceptive campaign promises, including a national healthcare system and infrastructure revitalization, stand as a testament to political opportunism.

Furthermore, his exploitation of religious sentiment while not attending church himself and aligning with wealthy TV preachers for personal gain reflects hypocrisy.

His attempt to overturn the 2020 election, despite losing by 7 million votes, is a global concern, with fears of a repeat in the future.

The world has witnessed leaders who dehumanize opponents, attack the press, and exploit fear of “the other.” The consequences of such actions are enduring and deeply troubling.

Republican members of Congress who align with Trump now find themselves tainted by association with treasonous actions, surpassing even Benedict Arnold’s betrayal.

Americans are not oblivious to Trump’s actions, including his efforts to curtail women’s reproductive rights, promotion of firearms, indifference to climate change, and refusal to address pressing issues.

History will remember Donald Trump as one of the most divisive presidents, marked by his unique appearance and policies.

The stench of his actions will not easily dissipate, and many Americans may never forgive.

The imprint of Donald Trump on your party will remain indelible.

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