Army general says Tuberville’s tantrum is ‘reprehensible’ and ‘dangerous’

Army General Condemns Tuberville’s Reprehensible and Dangerous Tantrum

It took far too long, but Sen. Tommy Tuberville finally tried to resolve his latest problem on race, publicly conceding on Tuesday that white nationalists are, in fact, racist. The far-right Alabama Republican, whose history on the issue did not give him the benefit of the doubt, didn’t explain why he’d disputed white nationalists’ racism

GOP finds a new, misguided reason to target federal law enforcement

Unveiling the GOP’s Surprising New Focus on Federal Law Enforcement

To advance their anti-Biden crusade, congressional Republicans were heavily invested in an elusive “informant,” who purportedly had evidence against the president. As it turns out, the GOP’s witness appears to have a bit of a credibility problem.As we discussed yesterday, the man in question is Gal Luft, a director at a D.C.-area think tank who’s

Opinion | What AOC should’ve done instead of endorsing Biden

The Smart Move AOC Should’ve Made Instead of Endorsing Biden

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez endorsed President Joe Biden for re-election on Thursday, noting he has done “quite well” in passing some progressive policies. Her assessment of Biden’s tenure was true: The president really has surprised left-leaning Americans with how ambitious he’s been on social spending. But the endorsement was also a strategic misstep. Why throw support behind

Trump-appointed prosecutor contradicts GOP in Hunter Biden case

Trump-appointed prosecutor challenges GOP narrative in Hunter Biden case

The more the U.S. attorney in the Hunter Biden case sets the record straight about his investigation, the more he tells Republicans what they don’t want to hear. Politico reported this morning on the GOP’s latest setback.U.S. Attorney David Weiss says he has not requested special counsel status as part of the years-long investigation into

Opinion | Ron DeSantis is not making things easy for himself

Why Ron DeSantis is Facing an Uphill Battle

Follow Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ campaign across Iowa, and you’re likely to see his “Great American Comeback” slogan plastered on everything from buses to bumper stickers. Now DeSantis is looking for a comeback of his own following months of tumbling poll numbers, weird encounters with the public and growing concerns from top supporters.DeSantis certainly isn’t

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