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A small Montana firm with just two employees before Zinkeawarded them the contract, has been hired to fix Puerto Rico’sdevastated electrical grid. The firm, Whitefish Energy, is based inInterior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s hometown, not surprisingly. Alsonot surprisingly, Carmen Yulin Cruz isn’t standing forit. The Hill:

The mayor of Puerto Rico’s largest city is calling for acontract to fix the island’s hurricane-ravaged electrical grid tobe “voided” after it was awarded to a small Montana firm.

Whitefish Energy last week signed a $300 million contract tohelp overhaul the island’s grid following Hurricane Maria. Thecompany is only two years old and had just two employees when theterritory’s utility, Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA),signed the contract. It is based in the Montana hometown ofInterior Secretary Ryan Zinke.

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz told Yahoo News in an interview publishedWednesday that the contract is “alarming.”

“The contract should be voided right away and a proper processwhich is clear, transparent, legal, moral and ethical should takeplace,” she continued.

“It seems like what the Puerto Rican people are going to bepaying for, or the American people are going to be paying for, isan intermediary that doesn’t know what is at stake here and thatreally has to subcontract everything. … What we need is somebodythat can get the job done and that has the expertise to get the jobdone.”

This is just adding insult to injury on Zinke’s part — but thenthe Trump administration excels at just that, doesn’t it?

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