Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch is angry, and rightly so. Through her lawyer, Ambassador Yovanovitch released a statement addressing yesterday’s revelations:

“Needless to say, the notion that American citizens and others were monitoring Ambassador Yovanovitch’s movements for unknown purposes is disturbing,” he said in the statement obtained by The Hill. “We trust that the appropriate authorities will conduct an investigation to determine what happened.”

“Disturbing” barely scratches the surface. Need I even point out that while such an investigation is critical and obvious, it will almost surely be opposed by the administration? It is near impossible to contemplate. Evidence reveals that an American ambassador might well have been threatened while serving, and a president may oppose an investigation?

We can expect Trump to oppose the investigation, if he doesn’t, it may unlock a whole separate sea of evidence that we never knew to exist.

An important question has arisen regarding some of the evidence released yesterday, and could only be answered in an investigation. Given that Trump could fire Ambassador Yovanovitch at any point, and for any reason, why was she followed, surveilled, and – at a minimum – placed in danger to the point that she had to be rushed out of the country? This question cannot be answered easily. Some potential answers are horrifying. Ukraine is still a young democracy, and a lot of oligarchs lost a lot of money to her anti-corruption efforts.

Moreover, it sure appears as though she was real trouble for some power-players here in the United States, too.

There will be precious few winners coming out the impending impeachment trial in the senate, but there will be one hero, Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch. Unfortunately, she is likely in just as much danger now as she had been in Ukraine. Robert Hyde and the MAGA heads are going after her on Twitter. It is extremely dangerous to tell the truth about Trump.

Read that last sentence again.

It sounds like something out of Russia or Saudi Arabia.

Yovanovitch cannot even rely upon the support from her own boss in the State Department. (She is still an employee of the State Department, despite not being assigned and despite teaching at Georgetown). Pompeo has been unforgivably silent with respect to Yovanovitch’s fate:

Yes, what exactly did cause Pompeo to stonewall all of this? One of the few times a cabinet secretary should stand opposed to the president or his staff is when one of that cabinet member’s employees is threatened or unfairly maligned. As we have come to expect from Trump and his administration, loyalty runs only one direction and it must be absolute.

Here is one thing to takeaway, Yovanovitch surely knows a great deal about the deals made by Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs, i.e. where and how they hide their money, who they do business with, including Americans, etc. These oligarchs all answer to Putin. An investigation into her Ukrainian circumstances may well threaten these same oligarchs, putting even greater pressure upon Yovanovitch, but also greater pressure upon Putin and Trump.

Thankfully, she is made of tougher stuff than me, and is facing it bravely. As I said, we do have at least one hero emerging in this matter, and I suggest we have her back.

Write her.


Peace, y’all

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  1. Yes She is a Hero. Very brave eloquent ambassador. We are totally backing you Marie. !! Stay strong. This really is a country where many of us believe in doing the right thing. Thank You.

  2. It’s appalling to know that the ambassador was under surveillance in the first place. The wording in those messages is frighteningly disturbing. There should be an investigation asap. Does anyone think that pompuss will do anything to stand by her?? I’m not going to hold my breath

    • Pompeo knew they were railroading her while it was going on and he stood by and did nothing to support his well respected lifetime public servant. Nothing. Pompeo, Pence, holier then thou, what kind of Bible do these guys read? Thou shall lie, cheat, & steal & honor one IMPOTUS idol above all else. Gah. Makes me sick. Parnas said Hyde was such a stupid drunk he didn’t consider him an actual threat to the Ambassador but this talk of security on the inside–creepy. Glad Ambassador Yovanovich made it back alive. Hope she still has security to keep her that way.

  3. They screwed with the wrong lady and the wrong government. The republiCLOWNS are a party of sedition and must pay for their crimes. All of them. They like to put people into categories, let’s see how they like being called “traitors”.

  4. Even if this was a joke cooked up by some drunk. It’s serious because the nuts on the other end didn’t know it was a joke. And this flake is running for office.


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