You know, I’m happy they were able to take Kyle Rittenhouse into custody after he allegedly shot and killed two people during protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last year. That’s the way these things are supposed to go. I just wish conservatives didn’t feel the need to turn him into a folk hero. I’m surprised Mike Lindell isn’t giving him a sponge bath live on as we speak. While he’s at it, maybe he could pop a couple of tasty macarons in Kyle’s mouth while a pair of 18th century fops read him lyric poetry and loofah his velvety, gleaming-white undercarriage.

I mean, he’s obviously an upstanding, law-abiding young man who started shooting at protesters out of the goodness of his heart. It’s not like he was trying to pass a $20 bill that may or may not have been counterfeit. 

The Washington Post:

In September, an anonymous donor sent $25 to the legal fund of Kyle Rittenhouse, an 18-year-old charged with fatally shooting two men at a protest last summer, along with a note of support proclaiming, “You’ve done nothing wrong.”

Last week, a data breach revealed exactly who had sent that message and money, according to a report by the Guardian: Norfolk Police Lt. William K. Kelly.

Now, the city of Norfolk has fired Kelly, formerly the No. 2 official in the Norfolk Police Department’s internal affairs division, after an internal investigation found he had violated city and department policies by sending the donation and note.

Actually, here was the full note: “You’ve done nothing wrong. Every rank and file police officer supports you. Don’t be discouraged by actions of the political class of law enforcement leadership.”

Nothing wrong? Okay. I guess cops won’t blink if Black teens show up with assault rifles at the next mass protest and start indiscriminately opening fire in so-called “self-defense.”

Luckily, Norfolk City Manager Chip Filer was unequivocal in condemning Kelly’s statement: “His egregious comments erode the trust between the Norfolk Police Department and those they are sworn to serve.” 

Now, in case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a bit of a racial double standard when it comes to, well, pretty much everything in this country. Case in point: A white pr*sident can get away with inciting a riot to further his fever dream of a stolen election, but when a Black member of Congress tells people to “stay on the street” to demand racial justice, all the people who conveniently forgot their oath to the Constitution back in February are suddenly (and selectively) appalled.

And if you’re a white kid, you can jog down the street while conspicuously toting an assault rifle, shoot at people, and somehow not end up dead. It’s weird how so many cops discover patience and forbearance when it’s a white kid with a very large gun instead of a Black kid with a cellphone.

Weird but, frankly, not all that surprising.

”This guy is a natural. Sometimes I laugh so hard I cry.”  Bette Midler on author Aldous J. Pennyfarthing via Twitter. Need a thorough Trump cleanse? Thanks to Goodbye, Asshat: 101 Farewell Letters to Donald Trump, Dear F*cking Lunatic, Dear Pr*sident A**clown and Dear F*cking Moron, you can purge the Trump years from your soul sans the existential dread. Only laughs from here on out. Click those links, yo!

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