Another amusing disturbing anecdote from to the soon-to-be-issued Bob Woodward/Robert Costas tome Peril

June 1, 2020. A certain wanna-be dictator posing as the President of the United States pressured his Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper, to order federal troops into the nation’s capitol.


Peaceful Black Lives Matter marchers protesting the murder of George Floyd were approaching Lafayette Square. After taking ridicule for hiding away in a protective bunker, Trump was planning a photo op to show his strength. But the demonstrators he had characterized on Twitter as “thugs” were getting way too close to the White House.

His justification?

A more than two-century-old statute entitled The Insurrection Act.

The Insurrection Act of 1807 is a United States federal law that empowers the President of the United States to deploy U.S. military and federalized National Guard troops within the United States in particular circumstances, such as to suppress civil disorder, insurrection, or rebellion.

Perhaps Esper was aware of The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, which specifically limited the use of federal military forces for law enforcement within the U.S. and codified an amendment that requires a president to issue a written proclamation to insurgents to disperse before invoking his Insurrection Act power.  

Regardless, according to Woodward and Costas, after Esper announced his opposition to Fat Mussolini’s proposed show of force, our classy, authoritarian-loving ex-president railed at his Defense Sec…

“You took away my authority? You’re not the president. I’m the goddamn president!”

Trump then turned to the rest of his team to continue his scolding…

“You’re all fucked up,” he shouted at them. “Everybody! You’re all fucked! Every one of you is fucked up!”

The orange gas bag then utilized the Park Police to disperse the demonstrators. You know… so he could pose for photos in front of St. John’s Church holding a borrowed Bible aloft.

Sigh… Just imagine how proud Christians must be! And, doncha miss that confident, manly, take-charge leadership style?

No? Me neither.  

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