Your Greatest Risk From The Coronavirus


Well, I guess all it took was one death in Washington state for the shit to get real for El Pendejo Presidente, huh? If you caught his rare Saturday press briefing yesterday, the contrast was striking. He was much quieter and more subdued, and ready to let others do most of the talking. Even his sparring with the press was subdued. And he even made a plea to politicians of both parties to not politicize the coronavirus, which I found repulsive, since the only politician in America who’s politicizing the coronavirus is Trump!

These sporadic epidemic outbreaks are always scary. While they all share come common characteristics, being viruses, the mechanics of transmission, as well as the affected regions of the country are always different, as are the types of misery that they can visit on the human body. It’s only natural to be concerned about the effects and risks of the coronavirus on yourself and your family. But what if the greatest risk to you and your family wasn’t the coronavirus itself?

What if the greatest risk to you and your family wasn’t from the coronavirus itself, but from Brain. Dead. Trump. Supporters? I’m not kiddingOn Friday, I heard two different reports on two different news channels, CNN and MSNBC. In both cases the reporters were hanging around the annual DC Trailer Trash Jamboree known as C-PAC. In both cases the reporters were standing in a line awaiting admission to some thing or other, and both overheard people in  front of them relating to friends that They wouldn’t listen to a word that came out of the CDC or NIH, since they were all a bunch of lousy “deep staters” out to bring down Donald Trump.

It would be one thing if the doctors at the CDC  were coming out with some kind of radical advice, like boiling your hands for three minutes after using the bathroom, or breaking out the end-of-days rations you’ve got stored up in the bomb shelter, but they’re not! They’re giving the exact same advice they give every time, wash your hands, use a hand sanitizer, avoid crowded public places, stay home if you get sick, just normal, common sense stuff. But because of His Lowness, and a bunch of irresponsible assholes like Hannity, Limbaugh, and Carlson, they are going to willfully ignore sage advice that they’ve been following in public health crises for years.

Just think about it for a minute. Right now, approximately 25-30% of the US population is made up of third world, y-chromosome mutants who will gleefully hop on a bus, spend the day running up and down the stairs at Grand Central Station, cleaning the hand rails with their tongues, and then run out and try to French kiss everybody in Times Square, just to stick it to the Democrats!

OK, that was over the top, but you get the picture. There is a block of people out there, whether honestly, pathetically ignorant, or willfully, maliciously fuck-all-a-y’all ignorant out there, who will take unnecessary risks just to stick it to  the man in support of the President. 25-30% of the population hates the other 70-75% so badly that they’ll gladly get sick, just so long as they make the rest of us sick as well.

That’s the greatest risk to you and your family from the coronavirus. And they’re being egged on by a bunch of soulless ghouls with a personal and political agenda. The FCC should already be in the process of removing the news tag from FOX News, and labeling it a disinformation operation instead, and every station that carries El Rushbo should be boycotted until they go out of business. A public health crisis should never be a laughing matter, and mark my words, that slobbering army of Trombies out there will do everything in their power to make it worse, so Glorious Bleater can blame the Democrats. Iy won’t play that way in real life, but when you’re that stupid, all things are possible.

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Well said Murph. You couldn’t be more right. The kook ade drinkers and the mouth breathing knuckle dragging gang will have a plan that’s for sure


Unfortunately they are not all cavemen. In my neighborhood there are two sets of wonderful. neighbors who are intelligent, kind and my best friends. They believe in donnie.


With friends like that, who needs enemies??